Remember 2017 part 12: Cheers to a year of Off-Meets!

(Or whatever these are called ^^)

Going by how I behave online, I’d guess that most of you would see me as a pretty private person. It’s true: I am part of a generation of people who remember what life was like before we all had handphones, before we all had the internet at our fingertips. I am also Asian, and we are generally known to be quite cautious and private, at least in my experience. Hence, ever since I’ve gotten online, I’ve been quite careful about not revealing too much about myself online—karice isn’t my real name (hence the non-capitalisation), and I will never upload a picture to this blog or Twitter showing my face.

And THAT would be why I need to take pictures of food; here was something THREE of us ordered for our first brekkie in Dallas!

Given this, I found myself reflecting with surprise on just how many online friends I met in real life for the first time this past year. It’s relatively few compared to some others of you, but to put the following numbers in perspective, prior to 2017, I’d only ever met up with two other online folks deliberately—Gubaba and Gwyn Campbell, both of Macross fandom fame. I’d also met John Samuel before, completely by chance, but on the whole, I kept my online and offline lives quite separate.

So what changes did this year bring? Well, I deliberately arranged to meet ten people—Jaqi, Nikola, Amelia and Katy at AnimeFest; Craig when I got back to Australia after that trip, and then Frog-kun, nat and Shina when I got to Japan in December. Most recently, I’ve gone skating with Tora, and let me just say that the nice, purple bruise I developed from falling just once left me with a whole lot of respect for skaters everywhere! It would also be remiss of me not to mention Haru, who put up with the three of us Aussie stooges—and especially me—at AnimeFest, and Deri, Kimmistry and MintyHoney, along with their friend Gynx, who spotted me and said “Hi!” in Dallas as well.

Thank you all for meeting up with me. I’m sorry if I disappointed any of you in some way (in fact, if there’s anything I’m certain I’ve done this year, it’s this), but thank you for putting up with the far from perfect person that I am. I look forward to hanging out with those of you in Tokyo again soonish (skating and Macross stuff FTW), and to hang out with the rest of you again some day! But until then, I’ll see you all online ^^

About karice
MAG fan, translator, and localization project manager. I also love musicals, travel and figure skating!

4 Responses to Remember 2017 part 12: Cheers to a year of Off-Meets!

  1. John Samuel says:

    Did we meet in 2017? I thought it was only the once in 2016?


  2. karice says:

    Just in 2016. Does what I wrote give the impression we met up again in 2017?


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