Remembering 2017 part 11: See You Next Level, Space Cowboy

credit: Madman Entertainment

For fans, it goes without saying that meeting our idols is one of our dreams. And it just so happened that, this year, I opted to go to two cons to meet a bevy of staff that I really look up to. I’ve already written about meeting anime screenwriter Sato Dai and Yamamoto Sayo, Kubo Mitsurō and Hiramatsu Tadashi at AnimeFest, so let me now briefly touch on the other wonderful creators I had the opportunity of meeting.

Director Watanabe Shin’ichirō, Aniplex President Iwakami Atsuhiro and voice actress Ueda Kana came to Madfest Melbourne in November. Most people should know of the marks that Watanabe and Ueda have left on the industry, so please allow me to highlight Iwakami, who is the producer largely responsible for bringing shows like Madoka Magica and the Monogatari and Fate series to our screens. He was also one of the schemers behind the previous series that I went completely nuts about, lighting the spark when he suggested to Aoki Ei and Urobuchi Gen that they get to the roots of the mecha genre. Aldnoah.Zero did not turn the fandom’s conception of the genre upside down the way that Madoka Magica did the magical girls one, but I can honestly say that I learned a lot about robot anime by following this one show, far more than all the Gundam and Macross series I’ve seen have ever taught me. So whilst this will probably leave some people gaping, Iwakami was definitely the guest that I was most excited to meet.

There isn’t much else I can say about both of these cons at this point, except “Thank you!” to AnimeFest and Madman Entertainment for inviting these wonderful guests this past year. I really do appreciate it!


NB: Just in case people get the wrong idea from the post title: no, Watanable is not involved in anything related to Yuri!!! on ICE, nor is there a sequel to Cowboy Bebop in the works…at least, not that I am aware. It was just fun to try combining those famous “See you Space Cowboy” and “See you Next Level” lines!

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