Basic HTML

Leave me a comment if there’s anything else you think I could add… Alternatively, you can also use Markdown, which I’ve activated.


<blockquote>Just referring to the poster up there…</blockquote>

Just referring to the poster up there…


<b>This for bold</b> and <em>this for italics</em>.

This for bold and this for italics.


<font color=”#ff0000″>I always go red.</font>

I always go red.

Select more colours here.


<a href=”hxxp://”>Care for some hot chocolate?</a>

Care for some hot chocolate?

(NB: Replace the x’s, of course – i.e. just copy your link…)



6 Responses to Basic HTML

  1. YahariBento says:

    …When I saw your Basic-Html button menu, I think my eyes are deceiving me.

    So you are interested about html & markdown as well. I didn’t use markdown before, but I hope I can have a chance to use it too. :3


    • karice says:

      Yeah, I use HTML mostly because I don’t like what the visual editor does with paragraphing and images (so I use tables for my images). It takes far more time (like an hour or two to format a post after I’ve actually finished writing), but I’d like to think it’s worth it.

      But I actually rarely use markdown myself–the first time was when I commented on another blog earlier this week, because that’s what they were using. But I may start trying to do that now, since it does involve less typing and also allows for hyperlinked footnotes, which I hadn’t noticed before!

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      • YahariBento says:

        Talk about images, IMO, I am satisfied with theme I’m using because that theme made my picture arrangement gave me great result.

        yeah, my first old site I even made used 100% HTML completely, no CMS like WordPress or Blogger. It’s hard to finish each things but I’m enjoy with editing easy to understand code like HTML. (I don’t get any CSS codes. Maybe it’s not my fav code.)

        So I kind of understand you (woah, there’s someone who are doing this too!) In my private blog, I devoted my time just to editing table that will make me satisfied the most and look good in my posts too.
        (why does WP not has table button in post menu? Or maybe they want us to enjoy with editing HTML.)

        I’m surprised WP has markdown for footnote as well. It’s pity I still have no chance to use it in my blog yet.

        What I expect to use markdown is “small logo” but the problem is I search in my MEDIA to copy url link of a picture that I used for “Blog icon” but I can’t find it. sigh~

        maybe I should ask WP staffs but lately they are lazy to answer my earlier problems like they even did very fast in the past so I don’t expect they can solve my problem.


        • karice says:

          Oh, that is pretty cool! So the side-by-side images with pop-up captions is built into the theme you’re using?

          Actually, may I ask which theme you’re using? I have another site that I’m planning to use to host link collections (to interviews and stuff), and I’m trying to get a similar look for the front pages…

          They do have markdown for footnotes, but I can’t get it to work consistently with some of my older posts. Probably because I’ve put in some unnecessary html in (I know what it is: it’ll just take too long to remove it all, so I think I’m stuck with it, unfortunately). Anyways, I’ll be trying to use it for my next interview translations, so I’ll see how it goes!

          Blog icon? Do you mean your personal avatar?


        • YahariBento says:

          I’m using Dyad Theme. I think this theme is good for “post presenting” but lacks in “following presenting”. I mean, in your new blog, if you think “post presenting” is more important than “boosting followers”, Dyad would be good choice for you.

          Well, you should look this theme when you go to “customize” menu or see my blog for example.

          Yes, it is called Blavatar or something like that but my problem was solved. phew~


        • karice says:

          Thanks! I may have to play around and see if I’m happy with it. I think it works better with the header image that I recently switched to…but I was trying to experiment with Goran which gave me a static page with sub-pages (for the link collections) in a grid format. The main problem I’ve been having is actually the black bar at the top of both themes…though I guess I could just add a corresponding bar to the header!

          Oh, ok. Not sure what the issue was, but glad it’s been fixed!


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