Feel free to leave any general questions or comments for me on curiouscat.

Or, if it’s about this blog specifically, you can still leave your questions here. (^^)

Translation Requests

If you’d like to request a translation, feel free to ask. If it’s about a series I’m interested in as well, I might just be inclined to do it. ^^ Alternatively, I’ll translate something you want—within certain size limits—if you can trade something that I’m looking for, though I do have to restrict it to shows I’ve seen.

30 Responses to Ask

  1. CathyT says:

    Hello @karice! Reached out to you thanks to kindle (nichinichi-chan)!

    I have a (rather big) request, but I really hope you can help me! I am from Greece, doing my master’s degree research. Well, my dissertation is about manga translation and the preservation of Japanese culture-specific elements…

    So, I made an online survey and I try to get as many readers (and translators) as possible to fill the questionnaire… I was wandering if you could help me “spread the word”, posting online the link of my survey.

    (I didn’t know any other way to reach you, so I posted here, I hope that’s ok…)

    The link to my survey is (made with Google Forms):

    Thank you very much! I hope to be hearing from you soon!

    Keep up the great work!



    • karice says:

      Hi Catherine,

      just letting you know I did your survey myself earlier today. About spreading it further, however, so you have a blog or something similar that you have attached to this project/your research? If you have a page set up where people can find out about this project and/or link to it, that might be better for you.



      • CathyT says:

        Hello Karice!

        Thank you for doing my survey! Unfortunately I don’t have a pageattached to the project. The only thing available is the link I posted on my previous comment. If you could share it among your circle, it would be a great help to me, but, of course, I do not wish to put you through any trouble, so thank you again for taking part in my survey! 🙂


  2. Nata says:

    Hey! Hello Karice, how are you? I hope you’re doing fine 🙂
    I wanted to ask your permission to translate to Spanish your post “Kubo Mitsurou talks Yuri!!! on ICE’s ending on the radio show!” I read the disclaimer so I preffer to ask you before do something. I’ll be waiting for you answer, and thank you very much for your job! 🙂


    • karice says:

      I’m really sorry – I meant to respond to this much earlier, but somehow lost track of what I’d done and hadn’t done!

      Hm…yeah, it’s cool if you want to translate it into Spanish. Though perhaps it’d be best to just summarise it, given that I haven’t checked the translation properly. But it’s probably ok either way as long as you put some kind of disclaimer in and link the post.

      And thank you for dropping by and reading it. Once again, sorry for this incredibly later reply!


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