i.e. the interviews that I’m offering to translate if anyone can scan or otherwise find them for me.

Of course, if someone else has already translated them, that’ll be even better, so please let me know that too!

  • Any Psycho-Pass interviews that haven’t been translated yet.
  • Any Aldnoah.Zero interviews that I do not have, but especially the one that has this snippet. Unfortunately, I don’t know which publication it appeared in, or if it’s even real, though the image suggests that it should be… But here’s a rundown of all the interviews/articles I’ve collected so far, with the other ones I’m after also marked out.
  • Any Macross Frontier interview with Ebata Risa (except the Complete Book and Sheryl manga ones, which I already have).
  • And any interviews about Wandering Son, AnoHana and Your Lie in April

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! m(_ _ )m

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