Review: xxxHoLiC Kei…well, sort of

That is, a few comments on it.

It’s been a few months since the second season of xxxHoLiC ended, and during that time, I just about dropped off the face of the earth – for this account anyway – unless one was talking about bits of Last Friends and Code Geass. That’s not to say that everything else I’ve watched hasn’t been interesting. I’ve already commented on the first season, so I’ll just dive right in.

xxxHoLiC Kei continues the development of Watanuki Kimihiro, through his interactions with his friends at school as well as with the customers of Yuuko’s shop. If you didn’t already find him strange (is it not strange that, even though Watanuki spoke of his parents right at the beginning of the series, and of the place he was living at before he came to Yuuko’s, we never found out any more?), the events in this series clearly points to the mystery surrounding Watanuki through three arcs (and a few intermissions). The first sees Watanuki become the victim of a spider’s grudge, through which he learns that his life doesn’t belong just to himself, but also to the people who care about him. The following intermission involving the dreams of Watanuki, Himawari and Doumeki foreshadows the future, as does Kohane’s arc. In the latter, Watanuki also finds and begins to care for someone similar to him, enabling her to change a life that had been suffocating herself and her mother. And finally, the interaction with Himawari reaches it’s bittersweet conclusion. 

I like Kei much better than I liked the first season – if only because there isn’t as much ‘filler’-type story in it (although I really enjoyed the mahjong episode!). Whilst the first series really addresses a range of addictions, there is now a greater focus on Watanuki finding out who he is.  IIRC (I could be remembering the manga instead), the final arc reveals that Watanuki and Syaoran (of TRC) are quite deeply connected – though I’ll be evil and say "Watch the series, or read the manga" if you want to find out. I’m definitely looking forward to how CLAMP is going to conclude this.

p.s. The order of the arcs is different in the manga (Himawari’s story comes before Kohane is introduced) – and the changes are relatively well done, being none-too-intrusive whilst increasing the foreshadowing that might have escaped the casual viewer.

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