Requests & Trades

The interviews that I’m offering to translate if anyone can scan or otherwise find them for me; and the magazines (and soon, guidebooks etc) from which I can trade.


  • Any Psycho-Pass interviews that haven’t been translated yet.
  • Any Aldnoah.Zero interviews that I do not have, but especially the one that has this snippet. Unfortunately, I don’t know which publication it appeared in, or if it’s even real, though the image suggests that it should be… But here’s a rundown of all the interviews/articles I’ve collected so far, with the other ones I’m after also marked out.
  • Similarly, I’m looking for all the Yuri!!! on ICE interviews that I don’t have
  • Any Macross Frontier interview with Ebata Risa (except the Complete Book and Sheryl manga ones, which I already have).
  • And any interviews about Wandering Son, AnoHana and Your Lie in April

Of course, if someone else has already translated them, that’ll be even better, so please let me know that too!

Magazines etc from which I can offer interviews to Trade

Film Pamphlets
A Silent Voice
Chihayafuru & Chihayafuru 2
Kizumonogatari I & II
Sound! Euphonium
your name.

2016-12 Yuri!!! on ICE

Animage Original
Animage Original vol 1 2008-08 (MacrossF, Gundam00)
Animage Original vol 6 2010-02 (Bakemonogatari)

Anime Style, 2nd run (Gekkan Anime Style, a six-issue run from May 2011)
(5) K-ON!! (Kawamori) — 23/12/2011
(6) AnoHana — 25/2/2012

Anime Style, 3rd run (from July 2012, onging)
(4) A Certain Magical Index The Movie — 08/2013
(6) SHIROBAKO — 07/2015
(7) Sound! Euphonium — 11/2015
(9) Osomatsu-san — 07/2016
(10) Kabaneri, A Silent Voice — 12/2016

Animedia Jun 2015 (Eupho special)

(SP) Nodame Cantabile
(30) Macross
(33) Code Geass
(42) Code Geass R2
(48) Macross

CUT (film magazine)
(271) The Borrower Arrietty — 09/2010
(285) Macross Frontier — 06/2011
(348) Martin Freeman, Bakemonogatari special— 11/2014
(352) Snoopy, Aldnoah Zero — 03/2015

Febri—Akiba Culture Magazine
(25) Aldnoah.Zero
(31) Anthem of the Heart — 10/2015
(Sp) Macross Febri — 1/10/2016

(26.1) Macross Delta — 09/2016

MdN Magazine special vol. 2 (this is a magazine about typesetting design)

Newtype July 2007
Newtype September 2008
Newtype COMPLETE Code Geass 1
Newtype February 2010
Newtype Romance 2007 Summer
Newtype Romance 2008 Summer
Newtype Romance 2010 Winter

SF Magazine
2014-Aug Psycho-Pass

Otona Animedia
Otona Animedia vol.6 Magi, Psycho-Pass 5/10/2012
Otona Animedia vol.7 Psycho-Pass 25/1/2013
Otona Animedia HYPER 3 Psycho-Pass 2 2/10/2014

Otona Anime
(4) Code Geass
(9) Macross F
(10) Macross F, Kannagi
(13) Bakemonogatari Hitagi
(14) Bakemonogatari Mayoi
(15) Eden of the East
(23) Nisemonogatari

(19) UtaPri, Yuri!!! on ICE — 11/2016

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! m(_ _ )m

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