Translation: Aldnoah.Zero Extra Episode 4



It’s finally done! Presenting a project that I’ve been working on for a while: here is the manga extra from the 7th volume of Aldnoah.Zero, which covers what happened to Inaho after the battle at Novostal’sk in episode 12. Unfortunately, as my efforts to scanlate this meandered over the last few months, Aniplex USA announced that it would be part of the third Limited Edition BD box set, which comes out on January 26 next year. Hence, this chapter will be online until Christmas this year, or until I am asked to take it down, whichever comes first. Please do not redistribute it, and if you enjoy it, please consider supporting the creators by buying the BD when it becomes available.

I’ll write a review of all the BD extras once I’ve had the chance to read Extra Episode 5 properly, so let me just leave a few comments about the process of bringing this mini-project to fruition. I’ve been working as a translator in a scanlation group for over a year now, although only about half of the chapters I’ve worked on so far have made it to a final release (we’re working on it!). Due to a few in-group upheavals, however, this year saw me take the role of quality checker as well. Because of that, I invested in a Photoshop subscription, which then allowed me to finally get moving on this scanlation. I did ask several members of the group to help me, but since it was my own vanity project, I took it upon myself to do the typesetting, so as not to take them away from our main project. It was the first time I’d tried typesetting an entire chapter, including the SFX, and…I think I’ll be happy leaving this job to my group’s dedicated typesetters from now on!

But at the same time, I gained a lot from this experience. Not just in terms of skills and familiarity with the tools I’ll need for the QC role, but also in terms of translation. I also have a better understanding of just about all of the roles in a scanlation group now – and to me, typesetting is undoubtedly the most difficult task (though redrawing probably comes close behind), and I’m glad to be working with several people who are great at those roles. But I am also immensely grateful to our editor, from whom I’m always learning about new and better ways to capture the meaning of the original Japanese text in English. Pardon me for not naming any of them here (or in my credits page) — I want to acknowledge the immense contributions they made to this release, but I do not wish to implicate them in something that is on the greyer side of the grey zone.

But that’s enough from me. Even though it’ll only be up for a short time, I feel that I learned a lot from working on Extra Episode 4, and I hope that all of you who read this release will enjoy it too.

edit (December 26, 2015): scanlation removed. Thank you to everyone who dropped by to take a look!

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5 Responses to Translation: Aldnoah.Zero Extra Episode 4

  1. viviane says:

    Thank you very much for this!


  2. Flamestarwarrior says:

    I have a person trying to find EXTRA episode 5. Does anyone know where they could find it? Thanks.


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