Shimura Takako’s latest display of love for Slaine

I had planned a different post for today, in my poor efforts to catch up on my backlog of musings about the films and series I’ve seen. But A/Z somehow always manages to make me reconsider.

Today’s offering is from the “one pic a day” countdown that Shimura Takako seems to be doing for Aldnoah Zero, and features the unlikely combination of Slaine and Nina. (What’s the bet that Nina’s voice actor is another of the Slaine fans at the dubbing studio? *grins* edit (2014-12-29): Well, turns out that, between the two, she’s an Inaho fan, actually! (2015-01-04) and likes Marito overall!)

Who’s up for a caption contest?

NB: Shimura’s own ‘caption’ is under the cut!

Nina getting carried away with dressing Slaine…

“Are…are you sure Princess Asseylum isn’t here???”

“It’s fine. She’s meant to be having a bath right now.”


“What do you mean ‘huh?’?”

“I didn’t say a thing.”

And here’s the original Japanese text, for those that are interested.



「だーいじょぶですよぉ いまお風呂に入ってるらしいですから」




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