Code Geass’s writer takes a trip down memory lane 5!!

Against my expectations, Okouchi tweeted another 10 or so tweets late last night, and that reminded me that I’d actually forgotten to post the last three or so tweets he posted at the last minute before the first film landed last week. So here they are! (Along with the last one from last week, which is related.) I’ll try to get to the new ones later this weekend, in between all the figure skating, perhaps (^^;).


(Geass Memory #28) When I rummaged through more files, I found something I’d written about wrap party. That was on 17/9/2008. Geass’s wrap party was framed as something that Zero had invited everyone to, and I’d written the script for that. Oh, the memories. And speaking of that, the closing words were “The only people who should drink are those that are able to get home by themselves!” (chuckles)

(Geass Memory #29) Also, the wrap party I wrote about in #28 was something held after R2. We had the first season’s wrap party after 24 and 25 aired as well.1 It happened to be my birthday that day, and knowing that, so everyone sang “Happy Birthday!” for me.

(Geass Memory #30) I had never imagined hearing the singing voices of Lelouch and CC celebrating my birthday! I don’t think I’ll ever have such a birthday again. It may have been hard and distressing―I have a lot of memories related to this project, but even without exaggerating, this is one that makes me incredibly happy.

(Geass Memory #31) I mean, these are characters that I’d poured my blood and tears into, but here they came to life and surrounded me, singing in chorus. It’s like the last scene of the Titanic. I was so moved that, for a moment, I’d thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

  1. These were aired on July 29 2006, four months after the series had finished its normal broadcast run. 

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