Code Geass’s writer takes a trip down memory lane 6!!

Now that I’m back home from a certain convention I was prepping for, here’s Okouchi’s latest round on tweets on Code Geass. He hasn’t tweeted anything new since then, so I’m not sure if this will be the last time — perhaps he’ll be back when The Rebellion Path has reached Japanese screens… Though I should be back before then, doing something else Geass-related. Not entirely sure how it’ll go down, given that this will be the first time I’m discussing the show with other fans! But it should be ‘interesting’, at the very least, so do look forward to it!


(Geass Memory #32) Back when I had written the first screenplay, Kallen’s name was Akira. It being quite boyish and all, I rather liked that name. But Director Taniguchi shot it down, because a Britannian father would never allow his daughter to be named Akira. Quite right!

(Geass Memory #33) Hence, we decided to give her a name that would have been fine whether she was Japanese or Britannian (since Geass had so many characters, I didn’t prepare two names). The next one that popped into my head was Kallen. But Director Taniguchi once again voiced his disapproval. What was it this time?

(Geass Memory #34) Turns out that there was a character with the same name in one of his previous works, Ryvius,1 and he was afraid that they’d get mixed up in his head. And so we went back to the drawing board again.

(Geass Memory #35) Everyone threw out a whole range of suggestions, but in the end, we settled on Kallen. Basically, we all ended up thinking “Kallen suits her, huh?” and so I got the director to change his mind. I’m thankful that he was so flexible.

(Geass Memory #36) As for Cornelia and Euphemia, because they’re sisters, I wanted their names to sound similar. But with the older giving off something of a harder impression and the younger a softer one. Must admit, now that I’m thinking about it, Euphemia also has something in common with Jeremiah. Darnit.

(Geass Memory #37) Speaking of names, we also had a lot of trouble naming the mecha. At first, we figured we’d go with names based on their abilities and unique characteristics. Like how “mobile suits” comes from “clothes” that are “mobile”…

(Geass Memory #38) Walker Machine (from Combat Mecha Zabungle), Armored Troopers (from Armored Trooper Votoms), Aura Battler (from Aura Battler Dunbine)…a whole lot of other names already peppered the industry, and we found it incredibly difficult to come up with something that didn’t resemble one of those.

(Geass Memory #39) Right around that time, I happened to come across the word “nightmare” in a book I was reading. It was a word that had absolutely nothing to do with mecha, but I immediately thought “OMG, great idea!”

(Geass Memory #40) This time, the mecha are units that no one but those from the aristocracy (i.e. Knights and above) can pilot. I figured that this would kill two birds with one stone, in that it’d show that we were dealing with an aristocratic society, and that Elevens were being discriminated against.

(Geass Memory #41) As noted in my previous tweet, Knights and above can pilot them. But though the image overlaps, it’s not exactly the same. The aim was for a show with a bit of darkness, not to mention the mechs were enemies! So it fits, right? In the end, I added the word “frame” to get “Knightmare Frame.”

(Geass Memory #42) Writing it all out like this probably gives off the impression that I did all the naming. But these are my memories, so I’m just writing about the names that came from me. There were also quite a number that the director himself decided on, or that came from those in charge of settings and what not.

  1. Infinite Ryvius, also directed by Taniguchi. The English spelling of that character’s name is actually “Cullen,” but in Japanese, it’s exactly the same. 

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7 Responses to Code Geass’s writer takes a trip down memory lane 6!!

  1. inksquid43 says:

    I watched Geass almost entirely with the subs on CR turned off, so I was astounded to learn that カレン was in fact not Karen. Have you heard any English-speaking parent name their girl Kallen?
    I have also never heard Nunally either.
    Also I had misheard ナイトメア as “knightmail” so I didn’t understand the pun until I finished the series lol


    • karice says:

      I haven’t heard of it, nor met any Kallens myself. But apparently it is an actual name used for both girls and boys, meaning “mighty warrior.” It’s not a particularly common name, and ranks higher as a choice for boys than for girls, but interestingly, there was a small spike in people choosing it for their baby girls after the first season of Geass aired f(^^;;)

      (Nunnally shows up in a search on that site too, though in this case, I’m not sure if it was actually used as a given name before the show aired!)

      Well…I personally didn’t even think of that when I watched the show! Wow…can’t believe its now been more than 5 years (probably) since I last saw it…


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  3. mwwxcv says:

    Thank you for these! I know this is many years later but I’ve been nostalgic lately and did a rewatch of Code Geass.

    Are there more translations of these tweets? I know there are more new tweets now.


    • karice says:

      Hi! Thank you for the comment and my apologies for the late response. It’s been a while since I’ve actually had time to even check my blog, and I’m afraid therein also lies the answer to your question: no, I haven’t had time to translate any more of Okouchi’s tweets.

      Glad you enjoyed the existing ones, though!


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