A Love Letter to 2016, part 3: my pick for Macross Delta’s best girl!

When there’s at least one show every season that you’re watching the moment it’s available, you know it’s been a good year. For me, that was obviously Yuri!!! on ICE this past Fall season, Rakugo Shinjuu back in Winter and 91 Days in the Summer. As for Spring, that belonged to Macross Delta.


I suspect that many of my newer followers wouldn’t know that, however, as it was only in the Fall season that I got a bit more exposure in the fandom. I never really advertised it myself, so for those of you who missed it, I appeared on more than half of the SpeakerPodcast Gertalk episodes during the second half of the show (^^;;). But even before that, I translated the Delta half of director Yasuda Kenji’s Bandai Channel Creator’s Selection Interview, by which time I had also been summarising the “Gori Gori Radio” show for a few weeks. My apologies for falling off that bandwagon—as I’m sure you know, I’ve been quite distracted over the past 12 weeks ^^;

Some of you might surmise that I lost interest in the radio because the show itself kind of lost its way in the second cour. And you’d be partially right…but the real reason is YOI, sorry! Since then, however, I’ve regained a bit of positivity about my Macross experience this year. And there’s only one character to thank for that:

The Flying Maiden: Freyja Wion

Given that most people in the West take pride in backing ‘the more mature girl’ in Macross triangles, my preference for Freyja had me feeling pretty lonely for a lot of Delta’s run. The great irony of this was that, in the end, I found Mirage to be a far more interesting character than most of her former fans did! But even then, she was not able to knock Freyja off the top of my list.

And so, my third love letter to anime in 2016 is for the little goddess that stole my heart in summer.

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6 Responses to A Love Letter to 2016, part 3: my pick for Macross Delta’s best girl!

  1. Frog-kun says:

    I think Anitwitter at large would agree with you that Freyja was the best girl… I haven’t seen Macross Delta, I’m only going by the fact that I saw a bunch of people posting Freyja pictures back in spring.

    P.S. who the heck even is Mirage


    • karice says:

      Well…I follow a number of different Western Macross fans…and Freyja is definitely not a favourite there! I should probably follow more Japanese fans, really ^^;;


  2. iblessall says:

    People who don’t like Freyja also probably hate Ranka and Ranka haters are THE WORST so


    • karice says:

      Well, I envy you immensely for not having been subjected to two of the worst Ranka fans in the world. Admittedly, I only had to deal with one, so I eventually regained a fair amount of appreciation for Ranka and her character arc, though it took several years and a rewatch!!

      But I’m not fond of Ranka haters either…ugh, both those sets of shippers just drove me bananas! So thanks for always being positive and just about the idols and not the love-triangle shenanigans!

      Liked by 1 person

      • iblessall says:

        You may have already read ghostlighting’s post on Ranka hate, but if you haven’t I highly recommend it!

        And yeah, no problem… ^_^ Although some might say my fondness for the idols is problematic all on its own haha…


        • karice says:

          I had…and I did find it interesting, and quite a plausible explanation for the hatred that Ranka (and later, Freyja) gets in the West. There are other issues, of course, mostly to do with people missing Ranka’s character arc (Xard kept pointing it out, but I feel that he was largely igrnored by certain Sheryl fans in particular). I do sometimes forget how much the West tends to hate the moe/cutesy turn in animation that we’ve had since the 2000s in particular.. ^^;

          Although some might say my fondness for the idols is problematic all on its own haha…

          XD indeed! But if they’re interesting characters with interesting stories, no problem, I say!


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