Moments of 2015: The Tale of an Anime Fan with a Broken Foot


As those who’ve followed my blog this last year will know, I had a number of fun ACG ‘firsts’. First of all, through the good will of an old friend, I made it to Aldnoah.Zero Extra Day. Although it did not involve any of my three favourite voice actors, it was all that I hoped it would be and more. I’ll never forgot the excitement of planning for it, nor of getting there and being surrounded by so many people who liked the show as much as I did.

And yup, I’ve still got my tickets!

I also realised that I could stop for a few days in the Kansai region, and three major series immediately popped into my head: Chihayafuru—which I’ve been translating here—along with two shows that have featured at the back end of my year enders, Sound! Euphonium and The Eccentric Family. Whilst I’ve been to places where anime have been set before—most prominently, Ikebukuro, Kyoto and Enoshima—I’ve never actively gone ‘location hunting’, that is, looking for the actual buildings and views that background artists have worked into the shows I love. But I’m glad that I saved it for Kyoto and its surrounds. Uji is a beautiful little town, one that I would love to live in, and the Shimogamo Shrine and the Kamo River are set to be two of my absolute favourite places in Japan.

I trust most fans would recognise this upholstery?

These experiences would have been memorable in any case, but what really made them even more ‘special’ was that I did them on a broken foot. The tale of how I broke it will remain private, but it was the reason I didn’t stop to take photos of Tharsis on Extra Day. Not being able to walk properly was also behind my decisions not to go to Ōmi Jingu, nor to hike up to the top of Mt. Daikichi for the view. So, you might say that it took some of the fun out of these ACG ‘firsts’.

That’s what the bruising looked like on the 5th day or thereabouts…

But there was one more upside to this whole adventure. Though it wasn’t that serious—I didn’t need surgery, nor a plaster cast—it kept me off my feet for a good few weeks. Now, as anyone who’s broken a bone will know, the bone itself heals relatively quickly; the more difficult part is trying to get your muscles and tendons working again. Apparently, you lose about 30% of your muscle strength after just two weeks of inactivity, and it can take up to a year or more to fully recover. Thankfully, with the exercises my physio gave me, I’m now well on the road to recovery. But the one ACG-related reason that I’ll always treasure this life experience, is that I understand just that little bit better what Kaizuka Inaho went through between S1 and S2 of Aldnoah.Zero.

And that is my anime moment of the year 2015. Happy 12th Day of Christmas! Wrapping it all up and looking forward to 2016 tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Moments of 2015: The Tale of an Anime Fan with a Broken Foot

  1. sikvod00 says:

    Whoa. A hardcore anime fan right here. Now all you need to do is finally embrace shipping and the transformation is complete. XD

    I’m glad you were still able to have an awesome time out there, despite the injury. I know how excited you were for the trip, especially the Extra Day event. Now learning that all those photos were taken on a broken foot makes it a little more special for me too. Once again, thanks for sharing your experiences with us! Here’s to a speedy recovery.


    • karice says:

      Haha. Well…I’m actually coming around on ‘shipping’ — but only in the way that Frog-kun defined it for his 12 days of shipping posts: as being about all kinds of relationships, rather than just romantic ones. ^^

      As for my foot, it wasn’t as bad as it probably sounds — I was using just a cane for most of my travels. Whilst Japan isn’t particularly disability-friendly, one thing they do well is that it’s possible to hire things like crutches and canes for as long as you need them, rather than just buying them. Well, as long as you know enough Japanese to be able to find them…

      Thanks — despite everything, it was definitely worth it.


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