Translation: Akane Sora [Madder Red Sky] (Chihayafuru 2 ED Theme)

This is probably my favourite theme song so far this season, though that’s not the only reason I decided to translate it. Chihayafuru 2 ends tonight, and with the final episode, the way this song echoes a key point in the series will become clear. But I will get to that after tomorrow.

There is also an interesting comparison to be made between this song and the ending theme to the first season. As already observed by astute viewers, two different versions of Akane Sora have played over the ending credits. The main one consists of the first verse and chorus; but a version featuring the second verse and chorus was used instead for the 6th and 23rd episodes.

Well…I’m not sure if they noticed it for the 6th episode, but a few on the mangafox forums certainly did for the 23rd. On the other hand, looking through RC and AS, I can’t find anyone who said anything, which is something of a disappointment given the importance of ‘songs’ (首) in this series…

Returning from that tangent, it’s pretty clear who the singer is referring to in each verse, right? If not, just watch the two episodes mentioned above again and think about it. The point, however, is that this marks a departure from the first season’s ending theme, which really was all about one person…

Let's play karuta together again!

Let’s play karuta together again!

Madder Red Sky


Artiste: Seto Asami
Lyrics: coffa
Music: Shinya Yutaka

足を止めてたたずむ そんな日は

One day, on the hillside road painted a vivid red,
I pause my footsteps and stand still for a while.

ここに居ない キミを思い浮かべて
見失いそうな道を 探してみるよ

In your absence, thoughts about you float to my mind,
And I search for the path that seems so easily lost.

心はいつでも 繋がってる

Wherever you are right now,
I doubt that things would change
Our hearts remain connected, even now.

遠く離れていても 忘れずにいてね
あの日感じた情熱* ふたりで重ねた夢
茜色の空 滲んでく夕陽
上を向いて 歩いていこう

No matter how far apart we are, please never forget
The passion I felt in you that day*, the dream the two of us built together
As the evening sun bleeds into the madder sky,
Let’s turn our gazes upwards and keep moving forward.

あの日はまだ 気付きもしなかった
こんなにも大切な 出逢いだって
ぶつかったり 泣いたりもしたけど
かけがえのない時を 過ごしてきたね

On that day I had yet to realise
just how important a meeting it was
We’ve clashed a lot and cried as well
But the time we’ve passed together has been irreplaceable

誰より近くで 見守ってる

And now I watch over you,
Closer than anyone,
As you wordlessly strive for what you are trying to do

そう信じてるからね あきらめないでね
願い続けて 今ほら ひとつに重なる夢
茜色の空 沈んでく夕陽
ふり向かずに 歩いていこう

I believe in you, so please do not give up
Continue pursuing the dream that we now share
As the sun sets in a madder sky,
Let’s not look back and keep moving forward.

遠く離れていても 忘れずにいてね
あの日感じた情熱* ふたりで重ねた夢
茜色の空 風そよぐ季節
歌いながら 歩いていこう

No matter how far apart we are, please never forget,
The passion I felt in you that day*, the dream that the two of us built together
In the season that stirs the wind in the madder sky,
Let’s raise our voices in song and keep moving forward

茜色の空 沈んでく夕陽…
私らしく 歩いていこう

As the sun sets in a madder sky,
Let’s just be ourselves and keep moving forward.

* Others have translated this as “the passion we felt that day”, but I have my reasons for going with this one…

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10 Responses to Translation: Akane Sora [Madder Red Sky] (Chihayafuru 2 ED Theme)

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  2. Shannen says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! I really like your character analyses and your translations and summary! 😀

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  4. taraprasad73 says:

    You have a wonderful blog. Really enjoy your posts on Chihayafuru.


  5. taraprasad73 says:

    I think this song is from Arata’s POV. His longing for Chihaya and how they played Karuta.


  6. pira97 says:

    I guess I am not a astute viewer, didn’t notice 23 and 6, thanks.

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