Aldnoah.Zero: the state of the war

Vs/027, which was made available on the official website after episode 13 aired…

I’ve been thinking about where the other Martian Landing Castles landed, and thought it might be worthwhile to point out a couple of things suggested by everything that the TV series has presented to us.

We were clearly shown five places that Vers Counts targeted (New Orleans, Mabuto, Beijing, Tokyo and Novostal’sk), and can assume that Femianne’s landed near Tanegashima, but where are the rest? Someone on the AS forums said that, besides New Orleans, LCs landed in the following locations on the American continents: Calgary, Fairbanks, and Quito…and I finally noticed that one of the documents from the A/Z Report Vs/024+Tx/024 actually shows us the locations of four more castles that we hadn’t seen on screen:

Shanghai and Chengdu in China, and Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk in Russia

So I went looking, and realised that they actually showed us the locations of 26 landing castles in episode 9:

Strangely enough, Femianne’s isn’t identified…did they remove it from this map because she’d been defeated in episode 7, whilst they still hadn’t been informed of what had happened to Cruhteo’s LC?
The other funny thing is that, the USSR seems to have broken up into pretty much the same states that we have today in the real world, despite the different history since 1972…

Based on this map, which Magbaredge and Mizusaki were discussing, these are the locations where ‘hostiles’ had landed:

Canada: Calgary
USA: New Orleans, Fairbanks
Chile: Santiago

China: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu
Japan: Tokyo
Russia: Magadan, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Arkhangelsk
Kazakhstan: Baikonir
Tajikistan: Dushanbe

Sweden: Stockholm
Czech Republic: Prague
Turkey: Ankara
Saudi Arabia: Riyadh

Egypt: Cairo
Ethiopia: Addis Ababa
Algeria: Algiers
Nigeria: Lagos
Mozambique: Mabuto
Congo: Kinshasa

Australia: Darwin

Hence, if Vs/027 and what Saaz tells us in episode 13 about the state of the war (@ t = 19 months later) are true, then besides the three LCs belonging to Cruhteo, Femianne and Saazbaum, the LCs in Beijing, Shanghai, and the seven in the area of the former USSR have either been lost or are being pressured by the Earth resistance.

It’s interesting that they don’t show us any of this, but then again, isn’t that true of any movie or TV series about war? We’re only ever shown what’s going on in one place, or whatever pertains to the characters whose stories we’re following…

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7 Responses to Aldnoah.Zero: the state of the war

  1. pira97 says:

    Thank you putting this. There are a lot of unanswered questions, like what happen to “Heavens fall”, if martians are so powerful why they did not take over the Earth before?

    I remember the first radio-interview you put it, the story is basically about Inaho and Slaine. Inaho military’s skills can be explained, I am quite surprise with Slaine skills, of course Inaho need a arqui-rival in the story.

    Slaine is for sure the anti-hero based on last episode. I know you don’t like but it resembles Chihayafuru, LOL. The Knights are the same as Samurais, no? People will never change, no mater where you live.


    • karice says:

      You’re welcome. Glad you find it informative. ^^

      Some of the answers about the effects of Heaven’s Fall are in my previous A/Z post. The timeline also gives some of the political reasons why Vers hadn’t attacked before now: basically, they needed a reason, since the Emperor himself probably didn’t want a war with Earth. That’s why they set up the assassination.

      Well, Slaine has had 19 months to master the Tharsis…which seems to have some pretty insane abilities. What I really liked about the most recent episode, however, was that Slaine (and Harklight) demonstrated some great tactical analysis as well. Inaho has met his match – but it’s not in piloting skills per se, it’s in the overall tactics that they use.

      How does A/Z resemble Chihayafuru? To me, the development of Inaho and Slaine are both tracking very different paths to Arata and Taichi.


  2. pira97 says:
    • 2 boys after one girl
    • One is anti-hero for some people
    • One shows a lot of emotions while another lack of for some people
    • One is consider a genius in its fields, robotic for A/Z, karuta for Chihayafuru
    • They end up to be arqui-rivals because of the girl
    • Arata and Inaho has black hair while Taichi and Slaine don’t have.

    Do I need to go on? Yes they can be very different but its core is there…


    • karice says:

      LOL. If you put it in such general terms, then there are probably quite a few stories that follow such patterns…


      2 boys after one girl

      I wouldn’t say that the A/Z pair are ‘after’ her. What defined each of their relationships with Asseylum in S1 was always their desire to protect her from the people trying to kill her.

      One shows a lot of emotions while another lack of for some people.

      Reaally?? In Chihayafuru? Who doesn’t show his emotions much?


  3. landofthekwt says:

    Don’t see Chihayafuru here Was ready to drop AZ but Slaine gave me pause. One episode he is the Princess lapdog, the next he is the Count’s lapdog, now he is an evil genius. What is his real character?


    • karice says:

      Slaine made his decision in episode 12. What we’re seeing now is the path of action he decided to take at that point in order to achieve his objective(s)…

      One objective that hasn’t changed is that he wants to protect Asseylum. Another objective is that he wants to change the society of Vers…


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