Aldnoah.Zero: the Kaiduka Family is ♡

I’ve been meaning to post this set ever since Shimura-sensei first uploaded them as part of her S2 countdown in December, and it seemed appropriate as a celebration of seeing Yuki and Inaho together again in this second cour…even if it was just a flashback! To be frank, I really want a new scene between them in the present, but I fear that if I leave this til next week, I may be crying instead, due to the minor flags that have been raised (incl. the fact that it’s Inaho’s birthday on Feb 7 – and nothing good has come of the birthdays we’ve seen so far! p.s More commentary here). Yuki’s line from the very first teaser for the second cour (“I became a soldier because I wanted to protect you and the world you live in”) also hasn’t been said yet, and I’m expecting it for next week…

But Nao-kun, what the heck do you mean by “I guess I have no choice”??? もう、心臓に悪いから、やめて!!

Yuki-nee, down with a cold

It was Yuki-nee that first came down with a cold,
and of course, Nao-kun nursed her back to full health…

…which then passed to Inaho…

Waaaahh! I passed it to Nao-kun!!

Calm down, Yuki-nee.

Is the drug store open? Shall I get you one of those chilled forehead packs?

I’m good. I’ve eaten the rice porridge (that I made) and had my medicine. And there’s hot Pocari too.

Ah-! How about rolled omelettes? Do you want some? Would you be able to eat them?

Yuki-nee, it’s fine.

What can I say? I just LOVE their relationship! Please please please stay safe, both of you!!

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4 Responses to Aldnoah.Zero: the Kaiduka Family is ♡

  1. pira97 says:

    Yuki-nee is back. Thanks for the review.

    ———Spoiler ——-
    The second emperor Gillzera died at Heaven’s Fall. Slaine going back to Moon. Next episode, Nao-kun going to attack the Martians base?


    • karice says:

      …I don’t think it’ll happen next episode, to be honest, because the Deucalion just got sent to Earth. It’s be weird if they returned to the satellite belt without doing anything. I think we’ll be seeing what they do with Mazuurek’s first…


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