In memory of 2010 part 6: Hyakumonogatari

From the time I began it in April of this year, a certain translation project was never too far from my mind. I’d wanted to start it earlier, and should definitely have gone about it more promptly, but frustration and other interests kept intervening. Not to mention that most fans of the series aren’t really interested, as they’d prefer the commentary instead.

However, even if it was mostly for myself, I really enjoyed working on the Bakemonogatari Drama CD: Hyakumonogatari. It’s been a fun 25 hours or so expanding my knowledge on high school life in Japan, and learning new words and expressions, and silly puns and catch phrases with Araragi-kun and co. This translation is mostly my own work, with credit given to pem for his excellent translation of that famous tongue twister. The original work in progress is viewable at my LJ blog (mistakes and all), but as part of this quiet year ender, I’ve decided to make a revised version available as a pdf file.

Before that, however, a request.

Please DO NOT claim it as your own, or repost/use more than a reasonable amount of it (say 10%+) elsewhere without first asking me. If you are willing to follow this simple request, the password for the file is comprised of the first letters of the first eight bolded words of the request, capitals intact.

And without further ado, please enjoy, if you will. And feel free to leave any comments and/or suggestions here.

Edit: link removed. My apologies, but I’m not sharing it at present.

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MAG fan, translator, and localization project manager. I also love musicals, travel and figure skating!

82 Responses to In memory of 2010 part 6: Hyakumonogatari

  1. ?_? says:

    Would you please email me the link? Thanks.


  2. Garu Knight says:

    This is such an awesome project! Thank you for translating all these Drama CD’s Stories.
    Could you send me an e-mail with the PDF, please? I would be very grateful.


  3. Anson says:

    Hi, great job on this project! The amount of work put into it is simply amazing. If you don’t mind, could you please e-mail me the PDF link? Thank you for your hard work.


  4. nurenchan says:

    could you drop me an email as well? thanks, you’re doing god’s work! much appreciate it


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