In memory of 2010 part 5: Remembering Love for the Classics

Once upon a time, before I decided I wanted to leave home and go somewhere else for uni, I was a musician. Not a great one – I never practiced enough for that – but I enjoyed being in the band and always had my favourites for piano. Furthermore, I wasn’t all that interested in carrying out that all important part of musical education, that of musical analysis – I didn’t even like having to listen to other people play the pieces I was meant to be playing. Even during those first few years at uni, I wasted the opportunity to use the piano at my house of residence, partially out of embarrassment because there was a girl just like Nodame there, one who could pick out tunes just by ear.

It’s perhaps ironic that it was Nodame Cantabile that got me back into classical music. To be specific, it was the drama, for when you only have short sections of a particular piece to work with, real people will always trump TV animation. One thing led to another, and now I have the entire drama series and the Best 100 album on my shelf. Here are other performances of some of the pieces contained:

And one that was not played in Nodame: my favourite piano piece ever.

Sometimes, I wish I were about 10 years younger, that I’d come across Nodame Cantabile when I was 15 or 16, that it inspired me to love music back when my parents were spending so much to have me study it. My piano’s still in the house though – perhaps it’s not too late to appreciate it again?

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