Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy VII: Last Order and Genshiken

Against advice (and my better judgement based on what I’ve read/heard), I went ahead and saw Gundam Wing, all 49 episodes of it, and the Endless Waltz OVA, in the space of 5 days. Lots of time I shouldn’t have spared perhaps, but I’d somehow caught a cold and really didn’t want to do much else…(I think I’ll be regretting this soon…)

Anyways, no one is kidding when they say this is one of the worst Gundam series ever. There’s a semblance of a plot at first, no matter how unlikely one finds it that no less than five 16-year-old (I think) pilots can so effectively carry out military missions, but it rapidly descends into a nonsensical political play. Seriously, how can one declare a ‘World Nation’ without consulting most of the leaders of the countries in the world, and have such a situation lead to peace, no matter how much fighting had been carried out in the series thus far? Even GS and GSD made more sense politically! The irony is that the relatively short Endless Waltz OVA series (3 episodes) is much clearer on one of the messages I think GSD was trying to make – that you have to fight for peace and stability, they aren’t just given to you. (And fighting doesn’t necessary mean taking up arms and killing others; there are other means to get your point across.) To think one could have summed that point up in three episodes…rather than with a 50 episode series which I don’t believe managed to convey that point, judging by all the discussions I’ve read about it…that said, there were other messages in GSD.

And I’m rambling again. Back to Wing…the main reason I stuck with the series was actually the seiyuu in the end. ♥s Okiayu ^^ – his ‘young voice’ (the one he used mostly about 10 years ago) is very nice to listen to. ‘Seductive’ is one way I could describe it. But well, I’ll leave that for a Fujimi review, if I ever get round to writing one.

The other main attraction of the FF VII DVD is Final Fantasy VII: Last Order, an anime prequel to the cgi OVA. It covers aspects of Cloud’s past which involve Sephiroth and Zack, two Soldiers whose actions were instrumental in getting Cloud to where he is now (whenever you want to interpret ‘now’ to be). The only thing I’ll be saying about it at this stage is…why did he die like that?!

edit: I’ve been forgetting about Genshiken, which SC and I watched over the semester, one or two episodes a weekend after we shared cooking. It’s a series about a club in a Japanese university called ‘Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyuukai’ (現代視覚文化研究会), abbreviated Genshiken (げんしけん), and translated into “The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture”…so, if you’re still interested,

This is a must-see series for anyone who’s into anime, if only to confirm that one is NOT an anime otaku (おたく) (I’m going by the Japanese definition here, not the English one. Americans seem to be especially notorious at changing meanings when they borrow words from other languages…-_-…) or, alternatively, to confirm that you ARE one… Anyone else probably won’t get the terms they used, although the subbers were pretty good at explaining them. I haven’t a clue if it depicts otaku correctly, but if various reports and behaviour on certain communities are anything to go by, I’d say it’s a pretty resounding ‘YES’.

Trying to pick the seiyuu was also fun…I didn’t get SekiTomo at all, and Ishi-chan…I really didn’t want to associate that character with him…*cries*. On the other hand, Saiga Mitsuki is always great to listen to whenever she voices a male character (I…need…more…MAR…). Speaking of whom…I loved a comment made by recently about Yuuki Hiro always sounding like a girl and Saiga-san always sounding more like a guy than several male seiyuu do…*totally agrees* ^^

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