Looking back on 2014, part 1: the sexiest voice in anime today

Merry Christmas! And as usual, here begins my 12 days of looking back on the year just past…

Nobunaga the Fool, the anime element of Kawamori Shouji’s experimental multimedia project, was a bit of a mess, at least to this viewer. However, there was one thing that kept me watching week after week, no matter how much I found myself rolling my eyes. That, of course, was Nakamura Yuuichi, who I probably should admit has well and truly taken over the top spot on my favourite seiyuu list.

12Days_01_Caesar-1 12Days_01_Caesar-2
The only reason I don’t actually regret watching this show…is him…

Now, the two seiyuu that I follow almost religiously both satisfy certain criteria. Acting skills, range, and personality are all incredibly important to me. However, the one criteria that I’d like to highlight today is the timbre of their voice. Voices that are thin and reedy almost automatically get a thumbs-down from me – they’d have to have a pretty darned amusing personality to compensate if I am to even consider following them. Rather, I like voices that are relatively deep, yet capable of being light and playful. Or, to put it another way, they have to have what I’d consider a sexy voice… You-kyan is actually one of the seiyuu reknown in Japan for having such a voice (an 色気のある声), but even though I’ve swooned over some of his lines over the years, I’ve never actually come across a character that I would say reflects this description at all times.

Until Caesar, that is. Behold:

1. Caesar teasing Mitsuhide about his father complex…


2. Caesar relating the reason for his mask…

Even if you don’t understand exactly what he’s saying, perhaps you can hear what I’m getting at…?

More A/Z crack to brighten up your day

Hm…and I just realised that, if anyone’s been avoiding any news about Aldnoah Zero since the end of the first season, these key visuals are HUGE SPOILERS…so, if you are up-to-date on what’s going on, I’ll see you under the cut! Read more of this post

In memory of 2010 part 8: so I have a Voice Fetish…

Well, Happy New Year!! And to start the year off, a look back on the vocal performances of yesteryear.

It’s probably not so obvious here, but my vice in anime is actually…the seiyuu. Specifically, the male seiyuu – I can quite reliably pick out my five or so favourite seiyuu just by voice alone. That I’m buying so many DVDs and sharing bits and pieces from commentaries and radio shows can be attributed to in ever-increasing interest in what goes on behind the microphone. But I’ll keep it to their voicework here.

Overall, I’d say that 2010 wasn’t a great year for stand-out performances, at least in the shows I’ve caught, although the range of roles that certain seiyuu got more than made me happy. On the other hand, that it finally threw up shows that tuned me in to some of the ladies was arguably the most important development for 2010.

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In memory of 2010 part 7: Anisong and Fanworks

Music is by far the most subjective aspect of any show. I’ve already read several reviews noting that 2010 hasn’t been a particularly strong year for theme songs. Whilst I agree that there probably isn’t a future classic like Cruel Angel’s Thesis or Sobakasu (last year’s Kimi no shiranai monogatari is probably the most recent one), I have more ‘favourites’ from this year than any year before.

In no particular order, there was
Uragiri no Yuuyake (Theatre Brook) Durarara!! 1st OP
Complication (ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D) – Durarara!! 2nd OP
Sign of Love (immi) – Saraiya Goyou OP
Heart Edge ni idomou -Go to Heart Edge- (WORKING!! guys)
Kuchizuke (BUCK-TICK) – Shiki 1st OP

Strangely enough though, most of the theme sequences I liked watching differ:
Uragiri no Yuuyake, Complication and SOMEONE ELSE again
Kuragehime OP
Otomo Youkai Zakuro OP
Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru OP and ED (although the live action one is the most entertaining)

However, I personally think that 2010 should be known as the year for theme fanworks. From the numerous MADs produced for the Durarara!! endings to the myriad of fan dubs. The following DRRR!!xCode Geass offering caught my eye because it doesn’t just follow the “Trust Me” ED sequence, but also adds its own touches.

However, I’d like to end with my absolute favourite from the past year, a favourite that was reflected in a Joysound karaoke survey: without further ado, I present Rimone-sensei’s Orihara Izaya, singing Ren’ai Circulation.

Year Review 2009, part 1

i.e. the stuff I can decide without seeing the ending to my two favourites from yesteryear.

As with every such list ever made, these are just personal opinions of this paticular blogger. I don’t expect anyone to have the same tastes as me, much less to have watched the same range of series. But one thing that is different from a number of other lists is that I’m including Bakemonogatari and Higashi no Eden here as complete stories (i.e. webcast episodes and movies included). Which is why this list is so late – they’d both been scheduled to end by January when I first decided how I would deal with them. It possibly wasn’t such a bad idea, as it gave me a lot of time to wrap up my thoughts on everything I watched, and even get a few more series in *coughSoraKakecough*

Anyways, I’ve never been good at watching stuff for production categories like animation or editing, so I’ll just go with what I want to talk about.

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Review: Genji Monogatari Sennenki (源氏物語千年紀)

Based on the classic Japanese novel, The Tale of Genji (源氏物語), this series follows the life and (some of the loves) of the second son of a emperor, known to readers/viewers as Hikaru Genji. As the second son born to a lowly concubine, Genji cannot succeed the throne, but is loved deeply by his father and thus granted education and assets befitting his place in royalty. However, none of this can give him that which he most desires…love.

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2008 Year Review

Yes, I know, it’s incredibly late. But I had a few series that I really wanted to praise, so here it is (though I will backlog it in about a week or so done). I also have yet to review one major series that I’ve included, but I will get there.

And a warning, there is at least one major spoiler this time (Code Geass), so don’t click unless you don’t care.
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2007 Year Review

After all those hours over the last half a week, I’m not entirely sure about doing this wrap-up anymore. Especially given that it’s been over a month since the end of a year that didn’t yield anything quite as enjoyable as Ouran or Suzumiya Haruhi. However, it was a year in which I watched more than I ever have before, and there were a few gems in all the craziness.

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