Memories of 2013 part 10: Be-san x Lucy FTW!

Personally, I didn’t find Servant x Service quite as enjoyable as its predecessor by the same mangaka, Takatsu Karino, quite possibly because I just liked the quirkiness of the characters in Working!! better. It could also have been that the openings of that series were far catchier (‘Someone WAN WAN!’), or perhaps it was the voices, as a number of my favourite seiyuu populate the cast of the latter. But there is one thing about this more recent offering that wins hands down, the romance department.

Stop it!!

Stop it!!

The one thing often lacking in anime is a believable or enjoyable romance between adults (= people from their early 20s and up) – but it courtship or after marriage. I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of series that I’ve seen or read with adult romances, and many of them often involve characters that met and started dating during their school years anyway – the exceptions I can think of pretty much all screened during the noitaminA slot… So it was quite a relief to get a couple of adult relationships in Servant x Service, and office-based ones too boot, particularly since the office is perhaps one of the more common places that such romances occur. But even out of the two, the Hasebe-Lucy one was far and away the favourite, not only for the laughs, but also because of Hasebe’s earnest yet gentlemanly behaviour.

Ganbare, Be-san!!

Ganbare, Be-san!!

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