Memories of 2013 part 11: Marital spat

The first K-Drama I watched this year, and the one that got me hooked onto them again (it was sooooo good!) was City Hunter. The show draws its name and basic inspiration from Hojo Tsukasa’s manga of the same name, though the story is mostly it’s own – a tale of family, love and revenge that was really hard to put down. But whilst it was generally a serious show, I also want to remember it for some of its light hearted moments: and this was definitely the best one.

Hah! And I do especially love that look on Nana’s face! (and Yoon Sung dying of embarrassment at that!)

Why don't you take your marital spat back to your own house?

Why don’t you take your marital spat back to your own house?

The core relationship in this show was actually the father-son one between Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung, but out of all the other relationships that our City Hunter had (the one with his mum, with Nana, with Young Ju, and Ahjussi), is the one I like best. As Yoon Sung once told his mum, Shik Jong Ahjussi is like a mother, brother and sister to him, all-in-one. Many of the scenes that show just how much they care for each other are quite subtle, such as their reunion after the first heist that goes wrong: everyone on the train is avoiding Ahjussi because he had dived into the trash in order to escape, but Yoon Sung just goes up to him and hugs him, a broad smile breaking across his face. What’s there not to love?

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