And the cobalt blue is finally in town…

Two new Apple Stores opened in Australia this weekend. Just two weeks after Brisbane opened it third store at Carindale, Perth received its second store at Garden City Booragoon, and Canberra its first (and probably only, given the population). The doors opened at 10am local time, to hundreds of people awaiting the chance to score one of the 1000 exclusive t-shirts for the opening.

Here’s a shot of the Canberra City one, courtesy of the RIOTACT website.
I haven’t found one for Garden City yet, but I’ll put it up when I do.

The buzz over the store in my area had been building over the past half a year at least. The ads were first posted on job searching websites around April, and a lot of people I knew had been speculating over where it would be. The fact that a lot of the retail space in several shopping centers went under renovation over the past 6 months only added to the rumours flying around.

Then, about a month ago, the Apple logo finally went up on the relevant space, and I was pretty pleased to find it within cycling distance of where I live. I’ve had my 2008 Macbook (unibody aluminium!) for almost 4 years now, plus an iPhone 4S for over 8 months, but I’m sorry to say that I haven’t fully explored what I can do with them yet. With all those free workshops on offer…I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be in that store way more than I should be.

A couple of other cool things before I sign off though:

  • If you have an iPhone, it’s now possible to walk into a store, use the Apple Store App to buy something smallish that you need (such as an iPad or iPhone cover), and leave without even talking to one of the employees in the blue shirts. Perfect for the holiday season, doncha think?

  • iPhone contracts and pre-paid sim cards can be signed in the stores themselves. This is super convenient because you get to compare the three carriers they offer (Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone) before choosing and signing up for the plan that suits your lifestyle and needs. But more importantly, the employees will help you set your phone up so that you walk out with it working as you need it too – something that the telcos don’t really do, AFAIK.

  • The same deal applies for iPads (pre-paid only). Though if you have an iPhone already on a plan, you can actually set up a personal wireless hotspot and use a wireless iPad to surf the web etc. Although it might mean you’ll be charging your iPhone more often, the savings made by choosing the Wi-Fi only model and by having just the phone plan are arguably worth it.

I’m sure there are quite a few other pluses to having the store in the vicinity now, but those are the ones I found out because my next buy might well be an iPad. Though the Retina display Macbook Pro is pretty tempting too, if only I had the money!

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