Working’!!: また、おかわりお願いします~!!

There should be at least one more season to come, and until then, there really are only a couple of things that one can talk about with regards to the second helping of one of my favourite animated comedies ever.

First…on the huge staff makeover: some of us, especially on AS, were a little bit worried, especially in light of the fact that the new creators are known for series that have male otaku in mind…namely Queen’s Blade, Sekirei, Ladies vs. Butlers, To Love-Ru etc etc. Thankfully, this turns out to have been an unnecessary worry, as this viewer certainly did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Even the animal costumes that Kazue had the girls wear came straight out of the manga ^^

There are a few things about the adult world that you don't quite need to know about yet…

So what did we have this time around?

A few new faces (and percularities) added a few layers of amusement…
…to more of the same from the old crowd…

= the perfect recipe for amusement last season! Well…almost.

Working’!! actually turned out to be a little less humourous than its predecessor, at least to me. But I contend that there is a good reason for the discrepancy: a good amount of the second season was devoted to making some decent, arguably more serious, developments in the two key romantic relationships that were introduced in the first season. A lot of viewers still detest Inami, but I personally liked seeing Takanashi unknowingly start to fall for her even as she tried her best to stop punching him – and hey! she even made it through almost a month of non-violence! I’ve already written about the other development that had me smiling: all that’s left is for them to announce season 3! (though we might possible need Takatsu-sensei to finish the manga first…) The BDs WILL make it onto my shelf this year, so よろしくおねがいします!

And some important things took small but noticeable steps forwards…

p.s. It was also nice to finally get Yuukyan in my Working!! Though I’d still really like more Higashida…er…would you consider making a special, please please please, Aniplex…?

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