In memory of 2011 その8: 佐藤くん、まだヘタレだけど、かっこいい...

Happy New Year! Which also brings us to the 8th post of this yearly review.

This past season has been a good one for comedies in my book, what with Kimi to Boku also giving me huge laughs week after week. But Working’!! is definitely where my loyalties lie at the moment, after an excellent final episode that more than rivals the former’s own strong offering this week.

The moment that stayed with me this season, however, is better described as being heartwarming:

Satou, smiling gently as he asks Yachiyo to talk about Kyoko as she always does...

He thus reassures her of his fondness for her normal self…

…earning a happy smile in return…although he also pays for it…

There’s no doubting it – Satou is still pretty much a wimp about this unrequited love of his, but just like Takanashi in episode 9 of the first season, he really shows his cool side here. Hence, it’s Satou’s turn to make my list for the year gone by. Just who will be on next year? ^^

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3 Responses to In memory of 2011 その8: 佐藤くん、まだヘタレだけど、かっこいい...

  1. JD Japan says:

    Ahh Working’!!. I’ve heard good things from that series but I’ve haven’t come around to follow that yet. Mmmm… on second thoughts. I’ll be back. Hunting for Working’!! downloads!



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