Uraboku: fanservice rules!

It’s been on my mind for a while: what in the world does one write about a series that most people stopped even trying to find positive things to note, much less actual food for discussion, just over half way through the series? A series that I only really watched because of its bishounen characters are mostly brought to life by voices that I love in varying degrees (along with one whom I had to battle to stop cringing at). Well, after reading Chronolynx’s “mildly sarcastic retrospective” on the series (on THAT anime blog), I finally figure out what I could try.

Series synopsis here – I’m lazy.

Initially, I was quite disappointed to find that they’d removed a lot of the humour from Uraboku. The manga usually gives me something to laugh or giggle about, albeit not when the story takes a serious turn, but very few of these light-hearted moments survived the animation process.


Practically forcing myself to catch up every couple of weeks, only the occasional SD moment kept me going.


But well, after that fateful day two weeks ago when I stayed up to watch the final episode in the middle of the night, I really can’t deny “that women don’t care a lick about action or plot or whatnot; they would much rather watch a half hour of uninterrupted homoerotic subtext”. Whilst I never really thought about it every week, the subtext in that final episode certainly made my week.


In fact, just this particular bedroom scene made up for the boredom that characterised most of my watching experience! (^____^) Getting more cutesy Tsukumo was another bonus.


I’ll have to be honest. Uraboku could have been cut to about 2 episodes worth of clips, and I’d buy just that one DVD/BD (unfortunately, that’s obviously not going to be the case! orz But Odagiri-sensei, I’ll be one of the first in line to buy your artbook when you release it!). Of course the fact that the producers knew exactly what their target audience wanted – and delivered it in spades at strategic points – doesn’t completely save the series, but I’ll always look back on this particular viewing experience with a fond smile.

Now please excuse me while I go fangirl over Hotsuma and Shuusei once again (^^)

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