Kuroshitsuji II: a lesson learned anew

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then this screenshot should be more than enough to convey everything I want to say about Kuroshitsuji II.

WARNING: ending spoilers ahead!


On the new characters first of all… Claude was simply too campy, right from his catch phrase to his dying words (wait, they’re part of his catch phrase in the first place…mah, nevermind). I was actually glad to see him go. As for his master, despite how irritating and simply plain abusive he was (Hannah, anyone?) Alois’s story wraps up pretty well, I’ll give the producers that. Alois being the one who’s wish was granted certainly surprised me.

But in the granting of that wish…to have Ciel become a demon and thus doom Sebastian to serving him for the rest of his life, unable to taste the soul he has worked so hard to cultivate… Is this a hint to where your manga might be heading, Toboso-sensei?


To be fair, this development did get me thinking about the limits of a contract with a demon. Alois’s final wish was simply that neither Claude nor Sebastian could ever consume Ciel’s soul, and turning that blue-loving tsun-tsun earl into a demon was certainly the most infallible way to do so. But does that mean that there are no limits to what a demon can do? Since human souls don’t seem to be necessary for the continued existence of a demon, surely Alois’s soul could not have provided the necessary power, or sacrifice. Or was the death of one of the two dueling butlers (in this case, Claude) the price paid for the birth of demon Ciel, which is why Hannah had them battle for his soul? So Kuroshitsuji follows the laws of equivalent exchange rather than those of thermodynamics…

Physics huh? Sure brings back memories. But that’s probably enough for that tangent.


Over the ten years that I’ve had my own computer, or in other words, over the ten years that I’ve been able to partake in the anime, manga and drama industries on my own terms, I’ve prided myself in having developed this useful mindset: when something just isn’t doing anything for you, DROP IT. That my completed list is so long is a testament to the ridiculous amount of time it took me to arrive at that simplest of conclusions. And if my initial reaction to Kuroshitsuji is anything to go by, then I obviously still have some way to go.

Yup, lesson learned anew. From now on, even series with my favourite seiyuu must never be sacred.

p.s. Toboso-sensei, I’ve got one volume of your manga, along with a phone strap, both bought new. If you release an artbook, I might consider getting it. However, even though I respect your thoughts on the current state of the industry, what you’ve been doing with Kuroshitsuji recently, both anime and manga, simply isn’t my cup of tea.

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