Translation: misc Macross F stuff その1

these translations are entirely my own work.
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Director’s Comment by Kawamori Shouji.
From p.12 of the Official Complete Book for Sayonara no Tsubasa.

The events of “Sayonara no Tsubasa” take place roughly three months after Itsuwari no Utahime. What happened during those three months?

In Itsuwari no Utahime, the Vajra attacked the city and a hole was created in the outer wall/shell of Island 1, which caused the air pressure in the city to drop. As a result, in the last scene, the climate went crazy and it started snowing. The Frontier government spent around three months returning it to its original condition.

Thanks to Grace broadcasting Sheryl and Ranka’s concert live, Ranka is bathed in the spotlight on the Frontier fleet, rapidly becoming extremely popular – the ‘in-thing’. Actually, I’ve also heard from Ranka’s voice actress, Nakajima Megumi, that this is precisely what getting a break is like – you become really busy overnight. In the series, Ranka’s big break came when she acted in the movie, “The Bird Man”. In the films, it was the Vajra attack.

The three months or so that have passed amount to the approximate timeframe covered by the first cour of the series. And in the ‘white margins’ of these three months, Alto, Ranka and Sheryl, and all the others were involved in a range of ‘dramas’…


Kanno Youko‘s comments on “Hoshi Kira” and “d-shudisuta-b”, on p.95 of the Official Complete Book.

Hoshikira [~~“Twinkling Star”]
This is one of the songs that suddenly came to me after the creation of the Christmas album. At the time, Megumi-chan had worked herself to the ground, so I wanted to give her a song of encouragement. Additionally, the final movie has Ranka, who used to sing only as she’d been told by her producer, becoming more independent. Because of that, to me, it became something that represented Megumi-chan singing a song that she herself wanted to sing. Rather than Ranka, this is a song that was written for Megumi-chan.

d-shudisuta-b [“d-shooting star-b”]
This is one of the last songs we recorded. As I wanted it to be timeless, a song that could be from the past or the future, I told hal, who also wrote the lyrics to “What ’bout my star?”, that I wanted something that feels like a delinquent Sheryl. In universe, it’s a song written by Sheryl, which she invites Ranka as a guest to sing with her during the encore of a live. And because it’s a live, I thought some MC work was needed, so I added a few lines of dialogue for the two of them.

[NB: in a blog entry, May’n notes that Kanno Youko allowed her to decide on the title of “d-shudisuta-b”, as a New Year’s present. By “shudisuta” 「シュディスタ」, she meant “shooting star” (see this AS post. I have a policy of not linking Japanese blogs on forums, because some Japanese people don’t like it (I doubt May’n would be that pedantic, but policy is policy), so please google if you’d like to check the entry directly.])

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