Looking back on 2014, part 11: and the anime of the year is…

Silver Spoon [Gin no Saji]

If someone were to accuse me of giving Silver Spoon my ‘Anime of the Year’ award simply because I didn’t know what to highlight about it for this celebration of 2014…that would certainly have a degree of truth in it. I had wanted to return to Hachiken’s assertion that he would keep thinking about what it means to be raising animals for food, but that’s a scene from yesteryear.

12days_11_SilverSpoon-3 12days_11_SilverSpoon-4
I… I…ca…

And then I also remembered the other things I loved about the series:

  • Its eccentric cast of characters
  • The hijinks of boarding school: whilst some things are unique, teenagers will be teenagers
  • The appreciation of fresh food and how absolutely delicious it is
  • The challenges that farmers in Japan face in trying to make a living (for all the criticism that people have of Japan’s protectionist practices, I honestly wish that more people would decide to buy local produce where possible. I know that some things really aren’t practical — for example, trying to grow fruit in an arid country – but I do think that some home grown food is worth protecting!)
  • All the events and incidents that show how people grow from facing challenges head on, and trying to work out what they can do with what they’ve gotten.
  • The fact that this series managed to get me to try cracking a raw egg over steaming rice…and absolutely love it!
I’m with you there, Hachiken! うまい!!

It’s really difficult for me to pin down why Silver Spoon has sat on the back of my mind all year, because there is so much to like about it (and more). If there’s anything that could make it better, it’s a sequel. So here’s to hoping we get one!