Eventing in 2018 Part 1! Yuri!!! on CONCERT

Well, I’d debated about doing this for various reasons. But since 2018 was the first full year in my current stint in Japan, I realised that I could cover something that I’d never really done before: events!

And of course, being Christmas, I have to start with a celebration worthy of the birthday boy!

From the back of the concert hall

Yup, like thousands of other YOI fans in Japan, I made my way south on July 1st, for Yuri!!! on CONCERT Osaka. I still remember all the shocks from that weekend — Daisuke announcing that he was coming back, the craziness that was Alma Vivo performed live, realising that we weren’t getting a sequel but a prequel…

When they dropped that special teaser on us, and my friend and I were like “Cool! OMG So looking forward to this!” But walking out, we sensed that a lot of people around us seemed to be going “‘Adolescence’? What’s that?” And then we later learned that a lot of people overseas had been going “‘Roadshow’? What’s that???” (wwwww)

But my favourite moment from that day was most definitely this:

I honestly wish I could have taken a photo, but it doesn’t matter, for it’s been burned into my memory for all eternity.

p.s. Happy Birthday, Victor! I’m really looking forward to seeing you again this year!

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