Remembering 2017 part 7: Running the Comiket Gauntlet


Before yesterday, if I’d done one of those Twitter memes on “things you may not know about me,” the fact that I’d never been to Comiket would have been high on the list…well, if I remembered it, of course. The world’s biggest doujinshi fair has never really interested me, largely because I don’t really like derivative works. The rare exception was a Harry Potter fanfiction writer who focused on two extremely minor characters, largely following official canon whenever possible, but creating her own ‘canon’ within that constraint. But I digress—doujinshi simply aren’t my thing.

So why then, did I find myself on the first train yesterday morning, gunning for an authentic Comiket experience even though I was a first timer? Well…as all my Comiket senpai would know, there’s also a corporate section, and the industry members that attend will often put out event exclusives. This year, this is the set that drew me out of bed at 4.30am and onto a train by 5.25am–only God knows how our little group managed to find each other in the crush at the stations!

And of course, I’m very grateful to the friend I attended with. Her presence made the four hour wait in the cold bearable (NB: I would NEVER have done this gauntlet in the stinking hot Tokyo summer!), and we were incredibly excited when we found a pair of guys willing to swap our extras so that we could collect full sets. Of course, the other lines were massively long by then, so I missed out on exclusives from other dealers. But I got what I went for, and survived my first (and, probably, last!) Comiket intact, and that’s all that matters!

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