Remembering 2017 part 1: Merry Christmas from the YOI Hotel!

As many Yuri!!! on ICE fans would already know, the Prince Hotel Sunshine City has been running a Yuri!!! on ICE collaboration since the middle of the year. Basically, they decorated a number of rooms up with a whole range of related merchandise, including cusions, bed throws and hugging pillow covers. If you were able to come with two to three people, then you could have tried to get the larger room, featuring the hugging pillow covers for all three mains (IIRC from pictures!) and even some standees and whatnot. And yup, I applied to the lottery, though only for the smaller room…and was lucky enough to score one of the dates over Christmas! Granted, I’d have preferred to get a ticket to Japanese Nationals…but given what happened over this year’s Grand Prix series, this did end up being a bit of a pick-me-up ^^

So yes, Merry Christmas from the YOI hotel!!!

And Happy Birthday, Victor! With some incredibly good fortune, a friend of mine found a place that still had tickets for this kuji! And somewhat unbelievably, we just kept pulling Victor!! (Along with a few Yuuri’s!)


So I’m happy, and fortunately, I was able to give my friend this in return for one of these Victors ^^

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