Code Geass’s writer takes a trip down memory lane 2…


As I suspected, Ōkouchi has a few more snippets to share about Geass 11 years ago. This time, though:


Please click only if you have already seen the first season!!

(Geass Memory #9) When Geass first aired, it wasn’t broadcast at the same time across the entire country. The Kansai region got it one day earlier than Tokyo and many other parts of Japan.

(Geass Memory #10) Before it started, I didn’t like the thought of all the spoilers that would be floating around, since Kansai viewers would be watching it one day earlier and writing about it online. After all, not knowing what happens next is one of the charms of an original series—at least, that’s what I thought.

(Geass Memory #11) But once the broadcast had began, people in Kansai were getting really excited that one day earlier, and then people everywhere else would look at those reactions and go “What’s going on? Seems like something real interesting happened,” and then they’d watch it themselves.

(Geass Memory #12) One particularly memorable episode was “Bloodstained Euphie.” After everyone in Kansai watched it and got worked up, the word in Kanto spread like wildfire: “Kansai’s going nuts” “Looks like something crazy happened” “What’s going on?”

(Geass Memory #13) They all made predictions about what would happen, or try to deduce stuff, and just worked themselves up a little before watching the show when it hit. So I’m happy that I got that wrong. I felt that I was watching the way that people enjoy the shows they watch in this era, the Internet era.

(Geass Memory #14) Since the title is “Bloodstained Euphie,” I’m guessing that she’ll get injured. Or maybe she’s gonna die?” …and then when they actually saw the episode, they were like “That’s what it was?!” I realised that there was a way of enjoying surprises and show discussions that was quite unique to TV.

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