Where I’ve been, Spring edition

I do have a “Reflections on Spring” post coming…though I might have to find another name, because it may not actually contain any Spring series! For a number of reasons, the only simulcast anime I’ve finished this time was The Eccentric Family, and that should be getting its own post. But it’s the end of the financial year for us here down under, and I just wanted to make a mental break with the past few months and start anew.


Some of you will already know one of the main reasons for my being AWOL here over the last few months. Shortly after my last ‘update’ post, I started a series of posts on ‘What Yuri!!! on ICE co-creator Kubo Mitsurou actually said’. It’s something that was sparked by certain comments I’ve seen and heard people making in discussions and podcasts, often without citing any sources. If you know my history in the anime fandom,1 you’ll understand why I cannot sit still and let such issues brew.

Unfortunately, some people in the fandom did not like that, or my take on Yuri!!! on ICE. As a result, I’ve had to deal with some discourse on tumblr on-and-off over the last few months. If you aren’t familiar with the tumblr fandom (or the livejournal fandoms that came before them), I strongly recommend that you avoid stepping into that maelstrom. But since my responses involved me trying to make my position on gender and LGBTIQA representation in the show clear, you can find them here. And I’m not going to reply to any more of that hate mail once the clock ticks over into July–got better things to do, after all!

On to happier news, though, here are some things I’ve enjoyed working on over the last few months, which I’ve neglected to post until now. During the winter season, I worked on two other Rakugo Shinjuu interviews, one for Wave Motion Cannon, and another in conjunction with @Inksquid43 for their blog, Through the Painting (parts: one, two, three).

And last but not least, thanks to Yuri!!!, I’ve really gotten into Yamamoto Sayo’s work, so here’s one of her earliest interviews, on Michiko and Hatchin, translated once again for Wave Motion Cannon.


I’ve also managed to collect quite a number of her older interviews on Michiko and Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, so do look forward to them in the coming months!

  1. Long story short, five years after I corrected a mistranslation of a certain Macross Frontier interview, there are still people who argue that “Kawamori is not the top guy” in that franchise. I also recommend scrolling up in the first link to read about ‘the Shaloom question’—I wasn’t the person who had to deal with it, but trust me, it was an absolute nightmare for Gubaba. Admittedly, the frustrations of trying to deal with all those rumours about Okada Mari may well hit similar nightmarish levels… 

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