A Love Letter to 2016, part 9: 91 Days of pathos

Looking back now, this next pick of mine has not aged as well as all the other shows on this list. 91 Days, which ended just one season ago, left me with a huge lump in my throat as the final credits rolled. However, the sheer level of animation that I’ve treated myself to over the last three months has made even skimming through to find screenshots rather painful.


What made 91 Days work was probably its writing. Again, this wasn’t always perfect—I remember seeing someone comment, quite early on, that his historian brother was quite disgruntled at the unrealistic American countryside and mafia lingo that the writers had decided to go with. Admittedly, some of the latter could be fixed with a good dub script. If anyone’s seen the Funimation dub, please let me know if that’s worth a watch.


Where the show excelled, on the other hand, was in the story arcs of its characters. As the Josei Next Door has discussed in great detail over at the Anime Evo, there are a lot of subtle details that illustrate where both Angelo and Nero start from and the lessons that they learn through the course of the Shakespearean-like tragedy that we see them living out over those 91 days. A strong knowledge of Shakespeare will help you pick up on all that subtlety, but even if you’re somewhat lacking in that department—like yours truly—the show packs a powerful punch in its last few episodes.

And so, my ninth love letter I write this year goes to Nero and Angelo, wherever they may be.

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