A Love Letter to 2016, part 7: the Kizumonogatari Inferno


Next on my list is the film that arguably got me paying a little more attention to sakuga, that is, the animation aspect of anime: Kizumonogatari: Tekketsu-hen. I have to admit: the only reason I sat down to watch this one this year—rather than waiting to watch all three Kizu films at once—was that I found Nekketsu still playing at cinemas when I landed in Tokyo at the end of September. Having avoided most of the promotional material out of a desire not to spoil the experience, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. And this is the main thing I remembered:

Watching Nekketsu straight after that was a bit of a deflating experience, I have to admit. I think I just couldn’t get the impact of this scene out of my head, and I dearly wish I’d had the chance to see it on the big screen. I’m madly envious of all the US fans who got a theatrical release of both films back in October!

In any case, now that the second BD is out, we’re all just waiting for Reiketsu to drop. Japanese fans will get it in just one week! Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be able to catch it at the cinema this time, and thus probably won’t be able to get hold of that third movie pamphlet to complete my collection. But I’ll still be grateful that I had that chance to see at least one film on the big screen, and hope that Madman will manage to bring all three Down Under one day.

Hence, it’s to the Kizumonogatari films that my seventh love letter of 2016 goes.

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