Moments of 2015: Seiyuu Madness

This past year, I got back into seiyuu once again. It all started with Aldnoah.Zero, for which I picked up the radio show towards the end of 2014, and which was later replaced by the raji for Sound! Euphonium and The Legend of Arslan. I also started two little games early in the year: one where I would try to pick out as many voices as I could, and another which involved figuring out which of the main seiyuu is doing a particular bit part (“kaneyaku”). That was originally going to be my seiyuu post, but then, I found several other things that amused me.

The first of those were a couple of seiyuu cameos. It started with Sakurai Takahiro’s unexpected appearance in the penultimate episode of SHIROBAKO. Those were some crazy episodes, but if there’s any one quote I’ll always remember from the show, it’ll be this one:

「変な話ではない!!」 (IT’S NOT A FUNNY STORY!!)

Just a few months later, however, an even more amusing cameo popped up, in the form of Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, who voiced the editor working with Takanashi Izumi. If you tried and dropped WORKING!! (or Wagnaria!!, as it’s known in the West) in its first season, it’d probably be a little difficult for you to make it to the fifth episode of the third season, but if you’re a seiyuu fan, it’s probably worth it.

“Geez, then what are you going to do?!
What do I have to do to get you to write?!”

But in the end, the best seiyuu treat for me this year came from an unexpected quartet of girls. I’ve never really liked listening to female seiyuu on radio shows or episode commentaries, partially because I tire of hearing them fawn over particular male characters. However, the Eupho girls were great even when they did that, if only because the character they fawn over is a little unexpected. From the 4th episode’s cast commentary, behold the madness…

The best part is that they’re incredibly creative about it, coming up with different things to say or speculate about in the radio shows, the commentaries and even the events. For example, in one long, animated discussion at a Eupho event in Uji, they comment on how sad Chikao looked when Shuuichi jumped on the train with nary a “see ya” in episode 7! “Wasn’t that just horrible of Shuuichi?!” It’s very silly, really, but it never gets old! (at least, not to this viewer…)

p.s. the cast commentary for Osomatsu-san‘s 12th episode very nearly gives them a run for their money, though! But I’ll probably say more about that next year!

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