Moments of 2015: A Perfect Ending

Since a significant proportion of anime series are little more than an advertisement for some manga or (light) novel, fans often find themselves lamenting the final episode of an adaptation that they’ve seen. The two most commonly encountered patterns are abrupt ends, or poorly adapted ones, such that the link with the original work is lost, leaving little possibility for a sequel.


Thankfully, one of my all-time favourites has done well enough right from its first animated incarnation in 2010 that there was never any doubt that it would be finished. And even though the official streaming sub left a lot to be desired, and despite the horrendous three month wait, the finale of WORKING!!! did everything it needed to do. It suffered from some heavy trimming, but nevertheless, the show wrapped up all of its important character storylines, from Satou helping Yachiyo become more confident and independent, to Taneshima growing a little (as a person), and Yamada making it home and learning to get along with her family.

Popular-chan, to be frank, if you want him to drop that,
you should probably try to get his name right first!

Most importantly, it showed us why Inami and Takanashi make complete sense as a couple, through the gradual but wonderfully subtle development that they underwent right from beginning to end. Although Lucy and Be-san are probably my favourite Takatsu Karino pairing, I’d contend that the prize for the most complete relationship in her works can only go to WORKING!!! ’s primary couple.

So, congratulations to both of you!

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