Moments of 2015: The Confrontation


As usual, the Monogatari moment for me came very late in Owarimonogatari, and of course, it also left me with a choice between two conversations I loved. The phone call in the final episode, where Senjougahara pointed out that “Even if you can’t become a special person in general, you can be a special person for someone” really struck a chord in me. She followed up with her assertion that she’s always striving to be a special person to Araragi, and I just thought: “that’s what love is, isn’t it?” Be it romantic, platonic, fraternal, or any other type of love.

Owarimonogatari_03 Owarimonogatari_02

But in the end, this moment goes to the confrontation between Kanbaru and Shinobu over the latter not wishing to meet with her first minion. I was initially tempted to say that this choice “wasn’t about the content per se, but because Shinobu lost in a one-on-one for the first time ever!” But at the crux of their disagreement is a message that all of us should take in. Shinobu thinks that Kanbaru is obsessed by the romantic implications of how she defines her relationships with both her minions, especially given the idea that she is only allowed to have one of them. But if Kanbaru is right about how Shinobu feels, then that is indeed the way that the latter herself perceives those relationships. The important point, however, is that she wants Shinobu to be true to herself, to face herself and admit those feelings, instead of running away from them; and to face and respond to the feelings of her minions. For that is the only way that she—and they—can move on, wherever the path forward leads.

“That was the first time I ever saw Oshino Shinobu lose a one-on-one battle.”

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