Moments of 2015: The Day I Started Hating Sinbad

September 21, 2015.


That’s the day that I came across spoilers for chapter 280 of Ohtaka Shinobu’s Magi, a chapter titled:

“The Execution.”

I was pissed. For two entire weeks. At both Sinbad and Hakuryuu. I’ve half-forgiven Hakuryuu now, but Sinbad is still on my blacklist…for it wasn’t just that incident, but also the way he used Kougyoku and even what he’s now doing that gets to me.

In any case, Magi has taken a somewhat strange turn—it’s got me wondering if, after all the real politik commentary, we’re now going to get a critique of capitalism! I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, so for the moment, it’s a case of “wait and see…”

Those two weeks, however, will never, ever be forgotten.

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2 Responses to Moments of 2015: The Day I Started Hating Sinbad

  1. landofthekwt says:

    Given what happens to Sinbad in Magi 323 it appears that you were correct in hating Sinbad when you did. At the time you wrote this I thought you were overreacting, but it appears that you were dead on Sinbad’s character.

    Some of the commenters on Magi Sinbad No Bouken 117 see the young idealistic Sinbad
    whom we all admire and wonder how he became the person in Magi 323.


    • karice says:

      heh ^^;

      I have to admit that I’m a bit conflicted about it. I understand where Sinbad was coming from with regards to his “I want to make sure this world is peaceful” goal, but I didn’t actually expect the reveal that he was in it primarily for himself in those recent chapters.

      That said, I’d also be very surprised if this is the last we see of Sinbad. It seems rather abrupt for this to be the end of someone so powerful!


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