Moments of 2015: Goodbye…Father


There are many little vignettes in Aldnoah.Zero that I like returning to, little scenes that illuminate my favourite relationships in the show. But in terms of overall impact, I can only return now to the scene that gave the first indications of where Slaine was headed. At the end of the first major space battle between the two sides, mere hours after Saazbaum had named him as his son, Slaine took his revenge for that which he could never forgive.

Aldnoah_02 Aldnoah_03

To me, the execution of this sequence was pretty much perfect. We do not see Slaine’s eyes from the time he hears Saaz’s call for assistance, right through to after he says farewell, when we finally witness the pain in his eyes. However, those few shots only serve to reinforce the conflicting emotions encoded in his voice; gratitude for accepting him, anger over the shooting of the one person who’d truly cared for him, and sadness at being unable to forgive the latter sin against him. It is here that Slaine begins killing the kinder feelings in his heart, for the sake of his ultimate goal of ‘a world without conflict’.


Slaine is not and never will be a favourite character of mine…but he was definitely one of the most interesting ones to watch in 2015.

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