Moments of 2015: Waltzing to Sleeping Beauty

“Unlike everyone else, I do not yearn to be a pro musician,
nor do I have the courage to give myself up to music.”

There have been many series about music over the years, from Nodame Cantabile through BECK and K-ON!! to the sublime Sound! Euphonium in the spring. But as a former pianist who has doubts about the path I’ve seem to have chosen, out of all of the musicians that have graced our screens, Your Lie in April’s Nagi is the character closest to my heart. Although some viewers seemed to question her role in the story, I thought it pretty obvious that she was an instrument for Kousei’s growth. But at the same time, what I really appreciated about Nagi was that she gave voice to a major fear that many ‘talented’ people confront: that they may not live up to the expectations of those around them. Nagi, with her brother complex, was not playing piano to reach the top—she played because she wanted to emulate and impress the brother that she idolised.

“But there are people who want to listen to me,
and there are people whom I wish to play for.
That’s good enough, isn’t it?”

I do not have a similar motivation behind what I do (perhaps that’s my problem? (^^;; ), but I have also been living my whole life under the pressure of expectations. A few years ago, those expectations once again had me seriously questioning what I’d done with my life…and even now, I do not know whether I have chosen the right path for myself. And so, Nagi’s duet with Kousei, a piano arrangement of pieces from Tchaikovsky’s music for Sleeping Beauty, is something that I want to keep in my heart. Like Nagi, I want the courage to step into the abyss and overcome my weaknesses, so that I can rise and move forward again. One day, I would like to waltz to Sleeping Beauty, just like she did.

Shigatsu_18-04 Shigatsu_18-05
Oh, and for the record, if I shipped anyone in this show, it would be these two…

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2 Responses to Moments of 2015: Waltzing to Sleeping Beauty

  1. Haven’t seen the show nor read any source material (if it has any), but wait…ur writing as though they are NOT a couple by the end of it…did something happen?

    Damn my brain…


    • karice says:

      Heh…well, the way I write about ‘shipping’ is a product of my general distaste for it. My basic stance is “I don’t ship,” though I am coming round to the argument that ‘shipping’ can be about any kind of relationship.

      But I guess I can say that these two weren’t even considered one of the major potential pairings in Your Lie in April – the boy, Kousei, is the protagonist, but Nagi only appeared in the second half of the series. ^^


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