Moments of 2015: The Fall

As I noted back in May, I did not find Death Parade as brilliant as many others in the Anglosphere did, largely because the main debate that it dealt with is something that is no longer all that compelling or controversial anymore, at least, not to me.


However, there is one judgment that I will never forget: that of Shimada and Tatsumi—a young man who had lost his sister and the detective who’d been involved, though in a way the youth had not expected. The second half, in particular, was a harrowing affair that made my heart pound, as the scales shifted from side to side right up to the end, fully showcasing how humans live and die through the frailty of our emotions…

Death-Parade_03 Death-Parade_02
By the end of their tale, it was clear why they’d gone for two seiyuu veterans: Fujiwara Keiji and Sakurai Takahiro. It’s difficult to imagine less experienced seiyuu being able to take on either of these roles…

So, whilst Death Parade may not be one of the series that I loved, the very mention of its title will likely bring me back to this experience, for many years to come.

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