Moments of 2015: Remembering Love in Macross Frontier

Delta-boys Delta-girls
Macross Δ: 6 days and counting!

Well, this has come about a lot earlier than I thought it would. The original SDF Macross dates from 1982, which means that the latest addition to the franchise, Macross Δ, is premiering on its 33rd anniversary… I must admit that I haven’t been following the hype that closely—has Kawamori said anything about the timing? My best guess would be that the double threes are some sort of reference to the infamous triangles that all Macross series are centered around, but Kawamori has apparently noted that “The theme of Macross Δ won’t be mere love triangles. I want to spotlight the relationships between individual characters.” A welcome development, and one a long time coming…though I suspect that most fans are just going to ship their hearts out as usual anyway.

Hence, to clear the skeletons out of the closet before we’re hit with the next round of shipping wars, here’s the second (and final) interview that I’ve kept locked since I first translated it back in 2013. It’s an interview with Kawamori Shōji that was published with the 4th and final volume of Sheryl ~Kiss in the Galaxy~. If you’ve read it, you’ll understand why I did not make it public back then, when the Frontier war was still raging despite the films finally reaching the eyes of everyone who wasn’t able to see them at the cinema. Making it my first “12 Days of Anime” post might seem rather lazy, but when I was trying to decide when in the order it should come, I could only choose the day known in Japan as ‘a holiday for lovers’. So, without further ado:

Merry Christmas, everyone! (^^;;;

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