So let’s follow some Seiyuu!

In conjunction with yesterday’s recommendation about using seiyuu as a key to learning Japanese through anime, here are some other resources that might provide a starting point. Most radio show information is only in Japanese (or perhaps, Chinese/Korean, if you know where to look), but I have tried to find a few dedicated English blogs/websites that are kept up-to-date.

(1) Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl ~Stories~ aka DGS

image source

A must for a serious female fan of either seiyuu, this is probably the best covered radio show in the Western ACG fandom. It has a couple of dedicated English-speaking fans—including at least one living in Japan, last I checked—who provide news, translations and event reports, amongst other things. The main challenge with this one is that, at 10 years and counting, it’s somewhere in the vicinity of 500 episodes. I haven’t been able to keep up with it myself, but trust me, it’s hilarious — at the very least, I’ll never forget the durian episodes! (JN: homepage, nico)

(2) yoshi_x2 at Idiot area expanded!?

image © joqr, source

yoshi_x2 occasionally writes about the shows he listens to on his tumblr. The one he seems keenest about is Ohsaka Shiritsu Hanae Gakuen Radio (aka OuHana; homepage, nico), which is hosted by two up-and-coming male seiyuu, Ohsaka Ryota and Hanae Natsuki. I’ve heard or read somewhere that Hanae, at least, is aiming for the crown that DGS holds (amongst female seiyuu fans)…should be an interesting battle to watch.

(3) Seiyuuri, seiyuu+ and Ambi

YuiKaori (image ©

If you’re more interested in following the ladies, Seiyuuri is a blog dedicated to the female seiyuu that its four staff love. Additionally, the admin of seiyuu+ occasionally translates radio drabbles for her tumblr blog. And finally, although Ambi seems to have abandoned her blog, she still seems to tweet about the radio shows she listens to.

(4) Looking for a challenge?

image © joqr / Lantis (?), found on

Another show I would recommend—especially for those who love anime music—is Comchat Countdown, where Sakurai Takahiro and Iguchi Yuka host artistes and introduce their ‘anisongs’… This show is broadcast live on Saturday nights, and you can find out more about it through the official twitter and/or website. You can also check out the onsen website for more radio (and video) shows associated with your favourite seiyuu or anime. One that I want to find the time for is the Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) cooking show with Matsuoka Yoshitsugu—well, if there were a way to access it, that is. Unfortunately, the shows there are only made available to fans in Japan, so if you live overseas, you’ll have to find your own ways to view/listen to them. (I won’t give any specific directions, but it’s not all that difficult, promise.) For a more comprehensive list of what’s out there, try this website.

(5) That’s what they said?!

And finally, in order to motivate myself to work through my interview, radio show and commentary backlog—I’m currently listening to the radio shows for Arslan Senki and Sound! Euphonium, and am trying to figure out what to tackle next—I’ve decided to start my own tumblr for random translations of the stuff that amuses me, so perhaps some of it will amuse you too. Yoroshiku, ne!

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