Aldnoah.Zero EXTRA DAY teaser: ToroKen vs. Hanaho, Round 3!!

Extra Day has finally come and gone, and despite certain personal circumstances, it was a total blast! The full write-up will take me a little longer, but as a little teaser, let me wrap up the rivalry between our two protagonists ^^

Updated: The chibi face-off from the back of AZ Key Animations 2/2!! (source)

In case you need a reminder, the score so far is one round each. And do pardon me for the lack of pictures from the event — not surprisingly, we weren’t allowed to take any photos once the show had started. So, without further ado, let the third and last round begin!

The final showdown between ToroKen and Hanaho took place over a grand total of three parts. Though it started at the Valentine’s Day recording, today was the day that we got the full story, courtesy of the two of them and Ohara Sayaka [Yuki-nee] in side A. When asked to relate a memorable ‘back-stage’ moment during the voiceover sessions, Ohara, Natsukawa [Lemrina] and Ono all chose Valentine’s Day. The staff had brought along some chocolates that were individually wrapped, with an equal number bearing the face of each of Inaho, Slaine and Asseylum. What poor Ono will never forget is that, at the end of the day, only Slaine remained! A large factor is that, by that time, they were well into the second season, when Slaine had started running rampantly down his dark path. But Hanaho generously admitted that Yuki-nee had taken three of Inaho’s chocolates all by herself! “Because I couldn’t let Nao-kun lose!” (Ohara)

ValentinesDay ValentinesDay2
Image credits: Hanae Natsuki and Ohaya Sayaka

But with Hirakawa Daisuke [Harklight] demonstrating his full loyalty in side Z, it was obvious which way the next part of the battle would go. In answer to the question: “Team Slaine? Or Team Inaho?”, four of the seven chose the former. ToroKen sheepishly admitted that he’d chosen Slaine as well. But that didn’t even matter, for the remaining votes went to…drumroll…Inko, Yuki and Harklight! Anyone who can guess who voted for whom — out of the remaining six, that is — without checking the various reports of the event that have come out over the last half a day, can be called a true AZ fan.

This left us with a tie, yet again. So, the seiyuu decided to turn to us, the fans: “Let’s hear a round of applause for your preferred faction!” But with a caveat: Harklight was added to the battle! First was Inaho, and there was a fair amount of clapping. Then came Slaine, and…it was probably about the same. Finally, they called out Harklight’s name…and to my ears, that’s who (barely) took the match!

And so, the final result, as far as I can tell, is:


edit (2015-06-22): corrected a few things (t/n: I was sleep writing last night…^^;; )

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4 Responses to Aldnoah.Zero EXTRA DAY teaser: ToroKen vs. Hanaho, Round 3!!

  1. azurestratos says:

    > _> So envy people who got to go…

    / but gotta save my money to buy A/Z merch and modelkits

    This maybe the last event for A/Z, which kinda makes me sad. Huhu…

    I look forward to your review of the Extra Day event : )


    • karice says:

      I only decided to go because I was going to be in Japan anyway for something else (I don’t have that kind of money to spend either!). And I’m not a modelkit person…though I must say that Tharsis and Sleipnir are really tempting…! But no, I can’t!

      There’s another talk event in July at Otakon in the US. But given the way the English-speaking fandom has gone on and on and on about how they hate the ending, I’m not sure that was a good idea… Aoki was really courteous in dealing with the people who ranted at him on twitter. I can only hope that those disgruntled fans would be as courteous.

      I’ll see when I can get it out. I’ve written down what I remembered, but I’ll be going through twitter in order to fill it out!


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