Aldnoah.Zero S2 countdown, zero hour: whither to?

Zero hour is finally here!!!

Finally, as the story starts turning again, it’s time to wonder: where might it be heading? Here are some pointers from Hanae, Ono, Aoki and Takayama…

Animedia Nov:

The “the rebellious knight” (“hangyaku no kishi”) is apparently Slaine rebelling against his former self that was powerless and unable to achieve what he wanted to achieve most (protect the princess).

Ono: “I think that if the princess did indeed lose her life, Slaine, in despair, will fall to the dark side.”

Hanae and Ono on the first special, rental-only radio CD
(available at TSUTAYA from ~Oct 30 onwards)

Hanae: And he also piloted Cruhteo’s Kataphrakt, Tharsis, right? How was he able to do that? That’s definitely something they’ll have to deal with, right?
Ono: You’d think so. There’s no way they can leave that question hanging: how in the world was he able to pilot it?
Hanae: Yeah…well, that was really cool, Slaine was.
Ono: But well, from now on, it’ll be your turn, Inaho’s turn, right?
Hanae: Inaho’s turn? In the second cour?
Ono: Since Slaine is heading to the dark side. Well, inside my head, he’s headed to the dark side.
Hanae: Well…I asked them about it, actually, and…there’s a bit of that.
Ono: Really?
Hanae: Yup.
Ono: Like, really?
Hanae: Yeah.
Ono: Oh, sweet.
Hanae (laughs): Something to look forward to, huh?
Ono: Definitely.

Aoki and Takayama in Febri 25:

The adults in A/Z are carrying scars from their experiences during Heaven’s Fall. That’s why they have been unable to take action. In contrast, the children (Inaho, Slaine, Asseylum) weren’t carrying any burdens yet, so they were able to move immediately. However, with episode 12, they have come to bear their own burdens. Hence, they have no choice but to become adults in that sense. On the other hand, the adults have seen what the children have been able to do. The question is whether this inspires them to move forward.

(NB: personally, I think this is the most interesting interview of the lot. But producer Kurosaki Shizuka’s interview in the same magazine is also really good!)

Aoki’s interview in Guidebook 1

Both the cut in the first opening where Asseylum points her gun at someone, and that tagline of “Let justice be done, though the heavens fall,” are where the story is heading. Who is Asseylum pointing her gun at? And what ‘justice’ are we talking about?

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3 Responses to Aldnoah.Zero S2 countdown, zero hour: whither to?

  1. pira97 says:

    ****** spoiler ************

    “pira97 says:
    October 22, 2014 at 1:03 pm
    The princess is probably alive and lost her memory and Slaine will hired her from outside world. Inaho will find her because he is in love with her and will help her make the peace.
    Roy says:
    October 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm
    … Although I agree that Slaine might be the villain. ”

    What do you think about our predictions? 🙂
    Cold heart Nao-kun is Cyborg now. As always people are tied to machines when they are smarts.
    The only thing I am not sure is why Eddelrittuo is with the Martians?


    • karice says:

      LOL. does seem like some of it will probably come to pass. Though they probably have other orders anyway, Inaho will definitely try to find out exactly what happened to the princess, since she’s either lost her memory, or they have a fake stand-in.

      Though I wouldn’t say that Inaho’s ‘in love with her’…

      Slaine = the villain might indeed be possible – though Aoki et al have been keen to emphasise that there is no one who’s ‘completely evil’. I had three possibilities for who Asseylum was pointing her gun at in that symbolic shot in opening, and it looks increasingly like it might be Slaine…

      Nao-kun’s not cold-hearted! He’s even gotten better at interacting with people! (According to Rayet, anyway) 🙂

      I’m not sure about Eddelrittuo either. She had been taken into custody by Martians at the end of last season, so perhaps they had some means of getting back to another Vers landing castle.

      One thing on my own mind is that since Inaho can now activate Aldnoah Drives, does that mean that the UFE might try to develop more units that use their abilities? Or is there not enough time, since weapons development usually takes years…

      Argh! So many questions! I’d suspected at least a one-year time skip thanks to the last A/Z Reports (#25), but 19 months!?! What in the world has happened in the meantime? Where are Yuki and Marito?


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