Aldnoah.Zero S2 countdown Tー2 days: the cast on certain memorable scenes in S1

Namely, the end of episode 7, the torture scene in episode 8, and the finale. Featuring:

Hanae Natsuki (Inaho), Amamiya Sora (Asseylum) and Ono Kenshō (Slaine)

as well as Minase Inori (Eddelrittuo) and Hayami Shō (Cruhteo).


From the Hanae x Amamiya x Ono interview in Guidebook 1 (rel. 2014-12-12)

—What did you think of the scene in episode 7 where Inaho and Slaine fought together?
Hanae: It was really cool — I almost wanted to cry. That moment when (Inaho’s mech) jumped onto the sky carrier gave me goosebumps! And I really like how it played out from there. Even though it was just through the comms system, it was also the first time they spoke to each other, huh?
Ono: After 7 episodes, they finally spoke to each other.
Hanae: I remember it being a really exciting episode.
Amamiya: And since Asseylum also activated the Deucalion, each of them had their own shining moment. But after that fight, I felt really sorry for Slaine. Inaho labelled him an enemy and shot him down…
Hanae: But at that time, Slaine was the one who shot first.
Amamiya: What!? Really?
Hanae: He turned his guns on Inaho first, and then he was the first to shoot. So it wasn’t Inaho’s fault!
Amamiya: At that point, I was like “how awful of Inaho!” But was it just a misunderstanding?
Hanae: Well, Inaho kind of cornered Slaine there…but still, if he had only explained himself…
Amamiya: Perhaps Slaine should fix his habit of turning his gun on people?
Ono: I’ll be more careful from now on (laughs).

LOL! I can’t believe she thought it was ALL Inaho’s fault! Now the discussion between Amamiya and Minase when they reviewed episode 7 on the radio show (#8, 2014-08-16) makes a little more sense! I’d thought it was weird that they didn’t discuss the miscommunication between the two, but went straight to how it showed how much Inaho had changed after meeting Asseylum. When I first listened to this, I remember being a bit puzzled at their reactions…

Aldnoah.Zero-T-2_08-02 Aldnoah.Zero-T-2_08-01
This is the only episode I’ve never been able to sit through again…


From Aldnoah Radio #9 (2014-08-23)

Hayami: …well, I did think that perhaps, he didn’t have to go quite that far… but when you think about it, if he didn’t, then you wouldn’t know how determined he was.
Minase: Ah, of course, Cruhteo was also very loyal to the princess. So like Slaine, who just wouldn’t reveal anything no matter how much it hurt, Cruhteo did everything he could to make him spit it out because he was thinking only of the princess.
Amamiya: That does make sense. So, well…how did you find that torture scene?
Hayami: Well, even if you ask me about that, it’s not like I really did anything. I’d prefer to be the person yelling out in pain.
Amamiya: Eh…? (As Hayami starts laughing) Ah…so you’d prefer to be on that side!
Hayami: I mean, even if I go all out, it’s not like my breathing becomes really coarse or anything. But those gasps and all, like, I really think Slaine’s position was the better one to be in.
(Amamiya and Minase lose it)
Minase: I’ve never heard anything talk about it that way before!
Hayami: Well, from your perspective, which would you prefer?
Amamiya and Minase: Ehhhh? Er…I’ve never thought about it before!
Hayami: You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Just something to think about as you grow in your own careers.
Amamiya: Ehhh? Well, how about you, Hayami-san?
Hayami: Well, I’d probably prefer being the one on the receiving end.
Amamiya: You know, I feel like I’d wanted to hear this from you.
Minase: Agreed — like, you sound really remorseful!
(They all laugh)
Hayami: Well, being the one giving pain leaves a scar in your heart, right?
Minase: Ah…that shows just how kind you really are.
Amamiya: I see I see.

And from the special recording done for the first Radio CD (rel. 2014-09-30)

Minase: And for you, Onoreine-san — ah, I mean, ToroKen-san, the Vers Knight that left the biggest impression on you has to be Cruhteo Show-san, non?
Ono: Er, Cruhteo Show-san?
(The other three laugh)
Minase: Yes, Cruhteo Show-san.
Amamiya: That’s Hayami Shō-san’s Vers-name.
Ono: Well…yes, you could certainly say that. If we’re talking about the Vers Knights…
Hanae: Yeah, like, you really took a beating from him too.
Ono: Totally.
Hanae: I was really wondering how it would turn out.
Ono: It’s a real talking point. How much he was beaten. Furthermore, because Slaine has always been on the Vers side, I don’t really say that much, right? And when I finally thought “oh, I have lines!”, it turned out to be Slaine being hit all over the place, so just all kinds of gasping.
Hanae: And that was the script booklet cover too, this time, huh?
Amamiya: So, how was it?
Ono: Er…huh?
Amamiya: I mean, your thoughts on being hit and all?
Ono: …my thoughts? On being hit?
Amamiya and Minase: Like, your mental state?
Ono: Well…from Slaine’s perspective, it was like “this is all for the princess!” But for me personally…it was—
Hanae: Somewhat pleasurable? (karice: ……)
Ono: —painful.
Hanae: so not pleasurable?
Ono: Well, no.
Amamiya: I see—
Minase: So you prefer being the one dishing out pain?
Ono: Well—
Hanae: Well, of course! I’m actually also on the receiving end all the time (in Tokyo Ghoul? -karice), so I’m really scared for Slaine!
Minase: Ehhhhh?!
Hanae: yeah, like “he might disappear during the break or something!”
Ono: Well…that’s a possibility too.
Minase: I see…! Well, to tell the truth, when Hayami Shō-san guested on the show, he actually hated being the one dishing out pain. Rather, he much preferred being the one being beaten. But for you, ToroKen-san…
Ono: Well…I think, yeah, probably the dishing side…
Amamiya: Ah, as one might expect.
Minase: Then, it wouldn’t be a problem even if the two of you switched positions, huh?

Aldnoah.Zero-T-2_12-01 Aldnoah.Zero-T-2_12-02


From Anispa Aldnoah.Zero special (2014-08-30), with Hanae Natsuki and Amamiya Sora

Asano: Speaking of which, how far have the voice-over sessions gone?
Amamiya: Well, we’ve recorded episode 12.
Hanae: We’ve finished the first cour.
Asano: So both of you don’t know what happens after that?
Amamiya: No, we don’t know what happens after that.
Washizaki: So, when you finally see the (next) script, you might be like “Ah…so I (died)”
Amamiya: Something like that.
Hanae: Oh, but something crazy happens in episode 12!
Amamiya: Yes! it’s like ___ happens.
Washizaki: From your facial expression…no, not quite getting it. Could you put it into words?
Amamiya: Like, “WHAT . THE . HECK . HAPPENED?”
Washizaki: Like: “How’s this going to turn out?!!!”
Amamiya (laughing): Yes, that.

From the review of episode 12 on Aldnoah Radio #13 (2014-09-24)

Amamiya: I couldn’t believe (Slaine) even shot Inaho. I mean, I can understand that he shot Saazbaum in anger.
Minase: Agreed, I can totally understand his anger. But huh? “Don’t touch the princess”??
Amamiya: It looks like he’s jealous…
Minase: Not quite unjustified resentment because of misunderstanding (逆恨み), more like why is he angry when it should be Inaho that’s angry with him (逆切れ)…
Amamiya: Yes, and this final episode is one where everyone’s impression of Slaine really changes, huh?
Minase: It might have dropped a little…
Amamiya: Right, right. And Ono-san was actually a bit worried about that. ToroKen-san (both laugh). You know how Hanae-san and I sit next to each other, whilst ToroKen-san sits to another side. But during the break, he came over and asked what we thought of Slaine in this episode…
Minase: Ah! He was that worried!
Amamiya: So I said something like “Well, yeah, it’s changed the way I look at him…” And he was like “Oh…”
Minase: What did he think would happen?
Amamiya: He was fairly depressed about that! and then Hanae-san was like “As expected, right?” (laughs) And I added that “Inaho-san was pretty cool this time, huh?” and he went “It’s gotta be Inaho after all.” (laughs again)
Minase: The gloating of the victor?
Amamiya: That little chat the three of us had – it was really fun to watch the two of them at it! (laughing)
Minase: Hanaho-kun has always chafed a little at how we go on about Slaine-kun, but now we’ve finally come to this last episode and he’s like-
Amamiya: “You’ve finally realised it, huh?”
Minase: Woah…he’s totally gloating about it!
Amamiya: And ToroKen-san lost a bit of his spirit! (laughing)
Minase: We never know what’s going to happen! But wow, that’s the kind of thing that goes on behind the scenes at the dubbing session!
Amamiya: Yup, even we don’t know what’s going to happen next-
Minase: Waaah… don’t cry, Toroken-san.
Amamiya: I mean, none of us know what will come next, right? So the three of us usually chat about it together…

From the November editions of Animedia and Newtype (2014-10-10)

Ono (Animedia): I understand how Slaine must have been feeling when he turned his gun on Inaho, who was trying to approach Asseylum after Saazbaum shot her.

Hanae (Newtype): I think it’s kind of problematic that Slaine shot Inaho without even really talking to him, even though the princess had called out to him in that way, like “Inaho-san!” I find it difficult to understand why he did that.


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