12 days bonus: some actual ‘moments’ I loved

Many of the memories I chose for 2014 ended up being themes and experiences that I dwelled on, rather than moments that just stay with me. I wonder if this might not have happened if I had actually kept up with my reviews properly…but that’s not going to do anything for my list this year. So, in just before I reveal what I regard as the most important thing that happened in my ACG appreciation last year, here are three ‘proper’ moments of shows that just missed out on the list this time around:

Rurouni Kenshin: Flames of Kyoto

Seeing this fight on the big screen was just fantastic! In fact, I really liked this second film – if I hadn’t gone on to see the third one straight after that, I think this would definitely have made it onto the actual list…

NB: There’s more to the fight, of course, so please watch the film!

The Circumstances of My Home’s Bathtub [Orenchi no Furo Jijou]

I’m with Tatsumi here – it’s hard not to fall in love with Mikuni ♡ !!

Tsukimonogatari: Yotsugi Doll

Saitou Chiwa ♡ And this is the problem when a show is broadcast at midnight on the final day of the year! Maybe I should just reserve a spot every year for Monogatari!

Until tomorrow then! Can anyone guess what my final post will be about? Well, I don’t think any of you reading this will have read much of my livejournal…so probably not… ^^;

About karice
MAG fan, freelance translator and political scientist-in-training. I also love musicals, travel and figure skating!

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