Looking back on 2014, part 10: succumbing to the marketing machine

If there’s one series that’s disrupted my posting rhythm over the last three months, it can only be Aldnoah.Zero. I did enjoy the first cour as it was airing, but I really did not expect to follow it that closely as we waited for the second season that begins next Saturday night. Whilst the ending to the first half was arguably calculated to have viewers itching for any bit of news they could get their hands on, the atmosphere in the English-speaking forums was actually putting me off.

On September 29, the marketing machine ramped up again…

But then the A/Z marketing machine grabbed hold of me and just didn’t let go. The first hook was Director Aoki Ei’s appearance on the radio show the week following the airing of episode 12, where he made some interesting comments on the creation of the characters and story, and also on the path it would subsequently take. Admittedly, interviews alluding to the same developments had already been distributed throughout Japan, but I only found out when I went looking for them over the last two months or so. So what was the key difference? Well, I happened to be in Japan over the fall…

But even then, I really didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. Tokyo is a huge city, and it’s relatively easy to miss going to the major places targeted by advertisers, such as Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro.

2014-10-07_Vs022_tatsdesign(twitter) 2014-11-07_Vs023_tatsdesign_2
Vs/022 and Vs/023 at Shinjuku Square.
Yes, I missed these ones. So sue me.
NB: photos by @tatsdesign.

So, at first, all I did was look for interviews in magazines — I even bought ArchiveZ when I heard that it contained Gen’s original script for episode 1. I also kept listening to the radio show, and added a few relevant twitter accounts in order to keep up with news. But I totally missed the fact that Shinjuku Square was where it was all happening…that is, until the seiyuu playing our two male protagonists had a bit of a lark…

From then on, all was lost. I picked up the next A/Z report when I got back to Tokyo, made sure to get the one pertaining to Slaine’s image on Yahoo Auctions, and then made it out to see the most highly anticipated key visual of the lot.

Is he back? For real?

I even arranged my final day in Japan around picking Vs/024+Tx/024 up. I lamented having to miss the final A/Z reports, though thankfully, a friend was generous enough to get them for me. And I’m still wondering if I should have tried to get the first 8 reports through the auctions as well, even though most of their contents are now available online (or in ArchiveZ) — that’s how far gone I am!

But it’s been worth it. I’m raring for the second half, so bring it on!

7 days and counting!!!

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